Going (semi) Public

I think it’s time.  Time to write more often.  Time to write things I want to remember.  Time to share.

I technically started this blog almost a year ago.  I’ve definitely thought about it a lot.  Sometimes I have wanted to write when I am sad, because I think it will help me feel better.  And, if there’s ever a day that someone else is going through something similar, maybe it would be helpful to them.  But then I hesitated to write during sadness, because I didn’t want this to be full of sadness.  I certainly went through periods of time when I wasn’t sure when I would feel happy again, so I didn’t write.  I’m happy now.

Rob and I are starting a new journey.  We’re not exactly sure where we will end up, but we are excited to be doing something.  This evening I will go to the post office to mail our paperwork to begin the process of adoption through the state of Oklahoma.  I’ll write a whole post soon about how we got this far.  In the way that only God can surprise us, we are doing something we had never considered.

In the meatime, I’d like to keep a record of all the things I’m doing…while I’m waiting.


3 thoughts on “Going (semi) Public

  1. Found your blog through Kelly’s Korner and wanted to wish you luck on your journey. We did the whole infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, and adopting 4 kiddos through the state of Indiana. I wish you lots of success on your journey but be prepared for a bumpy ride with the state if OK is anything like IN.

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