The things I do

The purpose of this blog is to really write and remember the things I do while i’m waiting.  I imagine these are the things I will mostly write about…

while i’m waiting I am a teacher. I have the best job in the world, really.  I get to teach infants and toddlers with special needs.  I get to know their families.  I get to pray with them and teach them about Jesus.  I get to see them meet milestones that the world says they will never do.  I spend my day with miracles.

while i’m waiting I am a stepmom.  I pray that I am a good influence in the lives of my husband’s three sons.  I help with homework, especially alegebra and calculus.  I give rides to youth group and I help pack for church camp.  I cook Mexican food and talk their dad into making hot chocolate. I explain that even their favorite hoodie can’t be worn every day to school.  I email teachers and check grades online.  I do my best to show them what a solid marriage looks like.  I encourage and I love.

while i’m waiting I am an aunt.  I drove straight to the hospital when my nephew/godson suprised us with an early arrival.  I visited him every day until I flew to Oregon to meet my other new nephew.  I have dinner with my niece and sometimes hide in the closet with her during thunderstorms.  I anticipate long weekends in Illinois to see my nephew grow up near his other grandparents and aunts.  I prayed with my coworkers for my niece’s perfect development and safe delivery.  We rejoiced together when she was born.  I cry when I say goodbye to the brothers that live out of state, but we all know it’s because I will miss seeing their kids.  I scrapbooked a year of events with my 9 year old niece.  I pray for the little ones who live in my neighborhood and feel guilty when I don’t spend enough time with them.

while i’m waiting I am a daughter.  I get in trouble and laugh with my mom because we are so much alike.  I still seek my dad’s advice on a variety of things and will always value his opinion.  I love going home because it’s comfortable there.  My parents support and ebrace the things I support and embrace.  Every good thing I do is because I am forever connected to them.

while i’m waiting I am a traveler, a missionary, a lover of China.  I love, with a deep love that you can physically feel in your chest, the people of China.  There are a few that I love specifically for who they are, because I know specifically who they are.  God blessed me fully when he sent me to China…twice.

while i’m waiting I am a wife.  There is no one I’d rather wait with than my darling husband. He loves me and allows me to be the teacher, the aunt, the daughter, the traveler that I want to be.  He’s thankful for the stepmom that I am.  He loves the things I love simply because I love them.  He genuinely wants me to have every tiny thing that will make me happy.  He’s my counselor, my adviser, my strength, my joy, my comfort, my leader, my lover, my friend, my teammate, my spouse.

So you see, waiting isn’t so bad…most of the time.


5 thoughts on “The things I do

  1. Very beautiful Kate. My heart goes out to you and my prayers go up for you. I miss seeing you everyday….I don’t like not being able to give you a hug right now!

  2. uh, and an awesome sister! we all know you miss the actual brothers too. and their wives. and when you visited the nephew who arrived surprisingly early, you took really good care of his mama.

  3. I am honored by the blessing of Kate Taylor Zerbe in my life. The Lord sure did me a HUGE favor when we joined our hearts as BFF. You are always the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love you caring generous loving heart!

  4. Maggie is exactly right. You did take really good care of me and I will forever be grateful for that. Rob was amazing too. I will never forget hearing that he was willing to not start his job at DirectTV if that’s what I needed you guys to do.

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