The Things That Matter

In the interest in filling my home with the things that matter, I have spent a few hours collecting things that need to go.  Some things are easy–the shirt I bought 3 years ago with the tag still attached and the extra kitchen utensils that have been in a bag waiting to leave for quite some time now.  A few things from earlier periods in my life that don’t really fit in now–mugs from Mary Kay Seminar 2003, 2004 and 2005, a cute (but not practical) Winnie the Pooh toaster, a wall hanging that never actually made it to the wall.  Four bags of clothes that are too small to be flattering, too big to be flattering or simply have hung in my closet for too long.

I gave away about 25 coffee mugs, kept 6 to display, 8 that go with my regular dishes and 2 that go with my Christmas china.  I tried to keep only the ones that matter, but somehow I still have a mug that displays the faces of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  It commemorates their wedding day.  I have a feeling it will be the next one to go.  I actually found another mug in my car and I know I have at least one meaningful mug at work.  My display shelf will hold 9 and that’s what I’ll keep it at.  For sure.

In my quest to declutter my home, I’m asking two main questions about the items I own 1) Is this useful? 2) Is this meaningful?  The useful items must have an immediate purpose.  The meaningful items must be displayed.  Someone once said that if it is sentimental enough to keep, then you must find a way to display it with honor not keep it in a box in the closet.  My closet held a stack of picture frames that have not been displayed for the past seven years.  Tonight, all but one of those frames are property of Goodwill.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, you should know that the same closet continues to hold Gone With the Wind collectible figurines and decorative plates.  The shelf designed to display the plates lives under my bed.  These things were given to me by my grandmother as she declutters her home.  (She was also the original owner of the previously mentioned royal coffee mug.)  Grandma knows I’m a fan of Gone With the Wind and graciously passed down her memorabilia.  I graciously accepted, because that’s what I do.  Rhett and Scarlet’s long term plans are yet to be determined, but for now they are totally getting in some good closet time together.

I am looking forward to documenting my journey to owning fewer things.  I’m intrigued by the households who have taken the challenge to own one hundred things.  Actually only own 100 things.  I get excited about that kind of thinking.  Until I sit at my computer desk and realize I already see about 150 things and that’s just the top shelf.

This could get interesting…


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