Better Together

Rob and I have been married nearly 6 1/2 years and we still really like each other.  A lot.  Although we’re not one of those couples who vowed to never spend a night apart, we are not typically away from one another very often.   The past four months have been anything but typical for us.  In fact, we have spent about 6 weeks away from each other during that time period.

I went to China in March and returned again at the end of May.  After being home only two weeks, Rob left for a 9 day Teachers of American History tour in the northeast.  That’s a lot of days and nights without seeing the person you love most.  When I was preparing for my first trip to China, one of my main prayer requests was that I wouldn’t miss Rob too much.  Naturally, I am used to seeing him every morning and every evening.  But I’m also used to talking to him a few times throughout the day when we are not together.  I knew I wouldn’t have that luxury in China.  I was glad to know that I could send him a text message for 50 cents any time I wanted to.  Now I didn’t actually send a text any time I wanted to, but I certainly had a peace knowing that I could. 

This pattern of talking on the phone goes back to the very beginning of our relationship.  After our second date (as in 2 days after I had met him) as we were saying goodnight he asked if he could call me in the morning before I went to work.  I know I wondered and I might have even asked aloud in a somewhat surpised-what-the-heck-are-you-thinking sort of voice…Why?  Why would you want to call me before work?  Rob sweetly explained that he’d like to talk to me before we both started our day.  We’ve pretty much talked every morning since then.

So we’ve survived two trips to China and a trip to the northeast.  A phone bill that wasn’t too outrageous and a couple of new Skype accounts got us through the China trips.  Oh yeah, I also really like saying goodnight to my husband.  So he wrote me letters to open every night before bed while I was on my trips.  Yep.  Sixteen letters the first trip and eightteen letters for my second trip.  Rob’s trip seemed easier.  Of course I still missed him, when I wasn’t busy enjoying the lazy evenings and weekends that every temporarily single girl should experience.  Plus, he was still in the land of unlimited cell phone minutes, texting and Facebook.

We both enjoyed our trips and are thankful for the opportunity to go, to teach, to learn and in all likelihood be better at what we do because of the trips we took.  But, it’ll sure be nice when we take our next trip…together.  In the words of the wise Jack Johnson…it’s always better when we’re together.


2 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. First, let me say that it sounds like you went to China in March and didn’t return to the States until May. Now THAT would have been really hard!! And secondly, I know what you mean. It’s hard for Jon and me when we’re apart. I’m looking forward to our date night sometime this week!!

    • Yes, Rob was confused, too. I came home in March before I returned to China in late May. Maybe sometime I’ll go long term, but I’ll take the husband with me.

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