Purpose #1

One main purpose for this blog is to document what I do while I’m waiting.  Another purpose is to document our adoption journey.  I’m going to do my best to address both of these purposes today.

I’ve already written about what I do while I’m waiting, in the general sense.  But specifically:
On Monday night Rob and I went to dinner.  It’s not exactly great for the financial budget but it’s sure nice for the alone-time budget.  I especially like going out on a date during the week.  Part of the fun being a teacher is doing grown up things on a school night!  Due to the fact that we want to be better stewards of our money and our health, we’ll be significantly cutting back on dining out.  I am trying to come up  with a list of other things we can do together or for each other that do not include much  of an expense and do not involve food.  Suggestions are welcome.

This week Rob and I also hung out with our 3 year old niece, our 2 year old nephew, and our 1 year old (twins) niece and nephew for a couple of hours while their mom and big sister went to an ever so important cheerleading meeting.  We played in their tent and tunnel.  We read books, sang songs, changed diapers and generally had a good ol’ time.  I’m very used to hanging out with kids in my classroom in a structured/scheduled way.  I do love it.  And sometimes we hang out in a less scheduled/structured way…and I love that, too.  All ot if gives me plenty of entertaining tools for an evening with the little ones down the street.

I also managed a couple of lazy evenings under a ceiling fan…me on my iPhone and Rob on his laptop.  Yes there is still laundry to be folded.  Yes there are still floors to be swept.  But, the closet is clean, my dresser (inside and on top!) is organized and all of my coffee mugs are in their rightful place.  I have a four day weekend and will surely get some housework accomplished in between the relaxing times.

Another significant item of the week occurred on Wednesday morning.  I attended an appointment with Rob to see a dietician and a nurse specializing in diabetic care.  It was my first formal education regarding diabetes.  To be honest, it was sobering.  (Is that the right word?)  I am really glad I was there and I’m looking forward to supporting Rob in making the necessary changes in our eating habits.  The things we discussed are all good eating habits for our family.  It will require planning and discipline, unfortunately not my greatest strengths.  But, he’s totally worth it.


4 thoughts on “Purpose #1

  1. I’m glad you guys are changing your eating lifestyle. I hope the Oh household does that soon as well. The family history of diabetes is pretty scary.

    What’s the motto??

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