Purpose #2

…our adoption journey.  (This one really will be about our journey…I promise!)

So, I still haven’t written about how we got to this point.  But I’ve got to start somewhere, so I’ll start with where we are and eventually I’ll write about how we got here.

We have officially begun our journey to adopt through Oklahoma DHS.  We submitted our application about 10 days ago.  Rob took the lead on getting it filled out.  He filled in the blanks that need no consultation (name, address, place of employment, etc) and we discussed the lists that required both of our input.  There were about 3 pages of diagnoses, characteristics, situations, etc. that we checked yes, no or negotiable.  For us, it was a pretty quick and simple process.  We pretty much agreed on everything.  We had lots of yeses with a few nos and negotiables sprinkled in between.  Because of my background in teaching children with special needs, it was easy for us to say yes to some things that I assume would require discussion or research for other couples.  It was a little hard to say no to a few items on the list, but we need to do what is right for our situation and our family.  I pray for the kids that are waiting for families. And for the families that are waiting for children and that God would line everybody up and put us all in the right spots to create the families He has in mind.

One requirement of our application was a form signed by a doctor that says I  am physically and emotionally healthy enough to adopt children.  Rob and I both had appointments and got the all clear.  It was actually fun to go to the doctor for this purpose.  It made me think about future appointments to a pediatrician’s office.  I actually pictured those days in the future…getting to be a mom and taking my kids to the doctor’s office.  Maybe silly, but I thought about it as I drove to my appointment with my paperwork in the front seat.  The first adoption appointment, the first official paperwork to be filled out.  Yep, it made me smile to also think about bringing my kids to the doctor someday.

Then I finished putting in all the contact information for our reference list.  The tricky part?  We could only list one family member.  Ha!  Seriously, how do you just pick one family member to list?  And actually, we are so blessed with so many friends it was a little tricky to stop at just 5 additional references.  It might have seemed like overkill to have an additional page of references, right?

I read over all the information one last time, praying that God would reveal anything that needed to be changed.  I folded it carefully (because a crooked crease is a sign of a bad mother, right?) and placed it in the envelope.  Then, I happily drove to the post office.  Rob was out of town for the week, so it was my job to get things finalized and put in the mail.  The journey began.

This week Rob called to make sure it was received and see if there was anything else we needed to do. He left a message with our contact at DHS.  That same day (coincidence or because we called?) we got a call confirming that there are 3 adults in our home.  Yep.  Calvin (Rob’s oldest) is 18 and therefor an adult.  We already had him sign the paperwork authorizing a background check.  He will also have to send in fingerprints and possibly take classes with us.  We have the forms for our fingerprints.  We’ll call the county sherif’s office in the morning to see when we can come get inked.  We are also to call our caseworker tomorrow to get scheduled for classes and for our first home visit.

So that’s where we’re at.  Things are definitely moving along!  There is more motivation and a different sense of urgency in getting our house in order.  We’re so thankful that Rob worked enough extra duty hours during the school year that we made the decision for him to not work this summer.  He is able to devote his time (and a little money that we’ve saved) to some home repair projects.  I’m excited about a finished bathroom, kitchen and a new door in the immediate future.  On my next school break I can help with removing wall paper borders, painting and getting carpets cleaned.  It’s good to work with a purpose.


2 thoughts on “Purpose #2

  1. Congratulations on officially being involved in the adoption process! That is super awesome and I can’t wait to watch it all evolve. And “a crooked crease is a sign of a bad mother, right?” totally made me laugh. 🙂

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