while you’ve been waiting

Thank you to the dozen or so readers that have stopped by my blog each day during the last week.  I didn’t mean to neglect you.  It just happened.  Well, LOTS happened…

–the little sister had a baby girl, calling for 4 hours of driving to spend a little over an hour gazing at her beauty, in the middle of the cleaning frenzy*
–the house did get cleaned (mostly) and assessed (successfully)*
–an end of the year video was created and milestones were celebrated*
–sleeping less than 4 hours on a Tuesday night required sleeping many hours on a Wednesday evening
–followed by a nearly 14 hour workday on Thursday (LLH parent meeting=laughing with coworkers at the front desk)
–the littlest sister went into labor Thursday night and pleasantly shortened my workday on Friday with the meeting of yet another niece*
–game night occurred with MUCH laughter
–delivered 3 roses to the newest girl in the family*
–spent a couple of hours at work on Saturday morning making up for the hours I spent in the waiting room on Friday
–picked up stinky boys, backpacks and bibles from church camp
–changed a tiny diaper on my couch (well, on my niece on my couch)
–got teary in church thinking about the people who do back to school shopping for kids without families*
–talked excitedly about some girls I have never met*
–celebrated a friend’s continued successful pregnancy*
–crossed my fingers as I threw a bunch of stuff into the crockpot
–read from Colossians at church, substituted the word worship for stewardship on accident
–stayed up ridiculously late on a school night
–started my last week of school, minus a boy on his way to Shreveport but plus a girl home from Memphis*
–taught all about the letter P: pajamas, pancakes, puppet show, pink paper Ps with purple polka dots, polka music, pizza, pink lemonade, playing, praise & worship, prayers
–napped on the couch, ate dinner cooked by the husband

*things I should elaborate on.  soon.  ish.

I’ve been to China twice in the past 4 months and have yet to share much about it.  I hope to do a series of posts and create a video to really share what we did.  In the meantime, I will share small pieces of China via photos at the end of my posts.

This picture:  I took it in China in June to remind me to pray for the orphans that sleep on these sheets at night.


6 thoughts on “while you’ve been waiting

  1. I’m glad to see that so much has happened in your life! It’s fun to expand your family and get ready for the last week of school.

    I can’t wait to hear about all the *’s!

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