sisters. babies. roses. and pictures to prove it.

Back here I talked about some of the things I’ve been doing.  A few of those events included some sisters, some babies and some roses.  A perfect combination for a picture filled post, don’t you think?

I have three brothers, whom I love dearly.  Maybe it’s the fact that I had all three of those brothers before I was ever blessed with a sister that makes me really thankful for the two sisters I have.  I love them. A lot.

This is the three of us at Maggie’s baby shower in May.  Aren’t my pregnant sisters so cute?

I’m 5 years older than Marianne and 7.5 years older than Maggie.  I love being their older sister and I’m sure I managed to find the right balance of spoiling and advising and was never the bossy older sister.  Surely.

When Marianne was graduating from junior high, I was finishing my sophomore year in college.  I was home for the summer before she was finished with school and on the day of her graduation, I snuck into the hall of the same junior high I had attended, placed 3 roses in her locker, and began a tradition.  I had purchased the roses at a local grocery store and wrote a note on a card (also displaying 3 roses) about how the three roses represented the three sisters and how proud we were on this special day.  From then on, we have celebrated special occasions by sending 3 roses to each other.  We’ve given them at graduations, birthdays, the start of a new job, engagements and wedding days.  So far, the wedding days are the most fun, I think.  I was the first of the three of us to get married and they started the wedding day tradition of giving several sets of roses throughout the day–they’ve been placed on the bride-to-be’s bedside table, the bathroom sink, the hairdresser’s counter, the dressing room at church, the back of church and the car.  Lot’s of fun, those three roses. 

We’re pretty exclusive about sending the roses to each other.  The only time I remember sending them to anyone else is when we sent them to our brother when he was recovering from surgery out of state.  That’s the only time…until we started getting nieces.  We delivered roses to our first niece in the hospital almost 2 years ago.  Our mom helped get roses to our niece born 2.5 weeks ago, and I delivered the roses to our most recent niece about a week and a half ago.  We’ve got one more niece that we’ll meet in person in September and we’ve already got her roses planned, too!

So that’s the story of the roses (of which I have no photographic evidence) and here are the beautiful babies and mommies that have recently been recipients of said roses.  Plus some pictures of a proud aunt and uncle.

Meeting Hannah Irene. July 10, 2010

Meeting Mary Teresa. July 16, 2010

                                             The little girls and their little girls.

                                               They’re totally gonna be best friends!

(you didn’t think I’d forget my China picture, did you?)

This picture: In March we visited the Round House near Longyan.  It is a huge home that once housed hundreds of people.  It was built in such a way that they would be protected from attackers.  This shot is looking up through the top of the house.  I loved the lanterns.  We were the only Westerners at the site that day.  Our friend knew the owner of a restaurant in the house, so we ate there and were on display for many to see.  I feel pretty certain we are in someone’s scrapbook, somewhere in China.  Or at least we’re the wallpaper on their cellphone.


2 thoughts on “sisters. babies. roses. and pictures to prove it.

  1. I took some pics of Hannah and her roses, I’ll have to show you sometime. I also have pics of her with the card. Hopefully she’ll save the card for forever just like I have saved the card that I found with my roses in my jr. high locker oh so many years ago. :o) Love you!!!

  2. you three are too cute. and ps – i like how your hairband has a rose on it in the pic of you holding hannah. perfect! 🙂

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