a day for me

Today I am 33 years old.  I decided to spend the day doing only the things I wanted to do.  For the sake of the dishes and the laundry, and really for the Zerbe men, it’s good that on most days I do at least some things I don’t really want to do.

But today, I did what I wanted to do:
1. I stayed in bed until I was ready to get up, which was at about 9:30.
2. I ate breakfast, cooked by my husband.
3. I straightened my hair a little bit, put on a t-shirt, comfy jeans and flip flops.
4. I went to Barnes and Noble and “stayed as long as I wanted”–that’s the one thing I told Rob I wanted to do today.
5. I read magazines about decorating small spaces, saving money and creating a romantic home.
6. I read books about decorating kid rooms, disciplining without spanking or shouting, and organizing a kitchen.
7. I wrote down some websites to look at later.
8. I took pictures of things I want to remember.
9. I drank a grande cinnamon dolce latte and ate a chocolate chunk cookie.
10. I found bubble tea in Tulsa!
11. I came home, played online, looked through some crafty stuff from my sister and talked on the phone.
12. I copied 1354 photos from my iPhone to my husband’s laptop.
13. I ate yummy cheeseburgers grilled by my husband
14. I ate ice cream and brownies prepared by my youngest stepson.
15. I made some name cards for some girls I know.
16. I’m still playing online and looking forward to one more brownie before midnight.

What I still might do before bed (or at least at some point in the near future):
17. Sort some of the 1354 pictures.
18. Upload pictures to facebook.
19. Begin work on a scrapbook page for our adoption file.
20. Watch a favorite movie.
21. Find patterns for some craft projects.
22. Make a list of things to do before I go back to school.
23. Write an email or two or more.
24. Make thank you cards to give as a gift.
25. Put away scrapbooking supplies.
26. Choose photos to be printed.
27. Research area home school groups.
28. Eat strawberries.
29. Get coffee ready for tomorrow.
30. Brush my teeth.
31. Read the book of James
32. Talk to God.
33. Cuddle with my husband.

This picture:  Me drinking my first bubble tea in China, on Gulangyu in March.


2 thoughts on “a day for me

    • Kate that sounds like an incredible day. I really enjoyed reading about it. The idea of what you want all day is an incredible birthday present to yourself. Can’t wait to see you again, you always make me smile.

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