the reading part is easy…part 1

So I do want to keep writing every day during break, and perhaps I shouldn’t always wait so late in the day to get started.  There are a few things on my list that I haven’t written about yet, but they all seem too big to start tonight.  So instead, I’ll tell you about the blogs I read.  I wish I had some cutesy way to link up to them…but it’ll just have to be plain jane tonight.  Click away, my friends..this is some good reading!

…my newest daughter: an adoption blog, written by someone I know in real life, from a dad’s perspective; it’s been a while since he’s written, but it’s worth it to go back and read some of the old stuff.

A is for Aiden: a mom blog, also written by someone I know in real life, she’s proud to be known as Aiden’s mom; he’s the youngest student I’ve ever taught–Aiden started school the week before his first birthday!

Adopting Baby Shupp: an adoption blog, written by the daughter of someone I know in real life; it’s exciting to follow their journey!

Bring the Rain: one of the first blogs I ever read, I think I’ve been reading it for about 3 years and I think I found it when I was looking for information on Trisomy 18.  Angie is a famous blogger, who started writing to tell the story of her daughter, Audrey.  She lived only a short while, but her story has changed lives for eternity.

Eli’s Journey:  ahhh, this boy! I started reading his blog a couple of years ago and prayed that things would work out so that one day I could be his teacher.  I was blessed to teach him for the past year and a half.  He’s beautiful and amazing and you should go read about him and his family.

go blog yourself: This blog was posted on another blog I was reading, to request prayers for a little girl named Tuesday.  She was dying of cancer and this is her story.  It’s also a story of how real people deal with the loss of a child.

Kelly’s Korner: Another famous blogger, whose daughter needed prayers right after she was born.  She actually spent time at St. Francis in Tulsa.  Kelly writes about living her life long dream…being a wife and a stay at home mom.  She’s genuine.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing: A friend of a friend, well several friends to be exact.  I read her blog before I met her, and I tried not to be an idiot when I did see her for the first time.  She writes about adventures with her boys and memories of her boys.  She’s a homeschooling, blog writing mama and I’d like to be her when I grow up.  (and I told her that today, too)

mckmama: maybe the first of the big-time bloggers that I found, and I really have no idea how I found her.  She takes cool pictures and feeds her kids good food.  Her son had a scary prenatal diagnosis and her blog traffic got crazy with people praying for him.  He’s doing great now.

Ministry So Fabulous! a blog written by a single girl in her mid-twenties, who more than anything wants to be a wife and a mom, who recently has been dealing with some health issues that may in fact leave her unable to have babies.  She’s dedicated a significant part of her life ministering to girls, specifically girls who need moms.  I loved her blog so much, I went back and read every. single. entry.  I emailed her so she’d know the crazy stalker that was reading every. single. entry.  I would totally hang out with her if I knew her in real life.

Molly Cookie I’ve been reading this girl’s blog since that beautiful time in our lives when we spent nearly every day together, loving our work, being blessed and inspired by some of the greatest kids in the world.  She’s a forever friend, a great cook and a real writer.

Mommy’s Shoes Robin and I taught together when we were single and had apartments less than two miles from each other.  We had dinner and drinks and talked about boys.  Now she’s a wife, a mommy and a published author!

nienie A very cool mom, with a very cool blog.  I like her style.  She almost died in a plane crash.  Her blog was big before then, but I didn’t know about it.  Now, she writes about her recovery and being a mom and a wife.

And apparently I read too many blogs!  I thought this would be a quick entry to write…and I’m only halfway through my google reader list.  I must go to bed.  I have important business tomorrow–adoption classes!

To be continued…

This picture: Taken in June at Gulangyu as we were walking along the island.  It just looks like China to me.  Real boats.  Real people.  Another visual reminder to pray for that country I love.


5 thoughts on “the reading part is easy…part 1

    • If you want, I’ll show you how to put them all on your iPhone…plenty of good reading material at your fingertips!

  1. Awwww….thanks for mentioning my blog!! I’m so honored!! You forgot to mention how fun and witty I am….especially at 9am when I’ve just cleaned poop from every corner of my son’s room and I’m on a diet coke high! lol Love ya!! Miss those days 🙂

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