the reading part is easy…part 2

and now back to the originally scheduled programming…

Papito on Religion and Politics: This is my husband’s blog.  He mostly writes about religion and politics, with a splash of regular stuff, too.  And I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to explain his nickname, Papito.  We went to Costa Rica shortly after we were married with a group of students.  Near the end of our trip, I asked one of our hosts for a term of endearment that a local wife might use for husband.  She said that it wasn’t very common for men and women to have sweet nicknames for each other, but that sometimes young girls called their boyfriends, papito.  So, that became my sweet nickname for Rob.  I also often shorten it to Papa or Poppy–which is confusing for the people who are already confused by the age difference in our relationship.

<and we’re back>

Run of the Mills: my sister’s blog!  She’s so witty with the title, right?  (Their last name is Mills.) Marianne is blogging about life as a wife and a mommy and I’m totally excited about her Themed Thursday posts!

Steece’s Pieces: This blog was listed on another blog that I read, and it’s another that when I found it, I went back and read a lot of the old posts.  When Suz was having trouble getting pregnant, she took one dose of fertility meds, one cycle…and ended up with quadruplets!  They live in Texas and she blogs about life as a mommy of four!

The Food Connoissorges: My other sis and her hubby love to cook, and they’re good at it, too!  This is their blog about food…and it’s yummy!

The Smith Family Scoop: I started reading this blog when the Smith’s oldest boy was diagnosed with cancer.  If I remember right, his mom is a relative of the mother of one of my students and that’s how I got knew about their blog.  Their journey has been long and hard, but they are victorious!

The Zoromski Chronicles: Although this family is friends with some of the other family blogs I read, I’m pretty sure I found them by accident late one night when I was clicking through blogrolls.  Honestly, I clicked this blog because their last name starts with Z.  Isn’t that silly?  When I started reading, their oldest daughter was finishing up chemo; they had recently given birth to twin girls with Down Syndrome–but only one survived; they also have a son; and have just adopted another girl from Ukraine. 

Thrifty Decor Chick: This big time blogger shares tips on how to decorate your home inexpensively.  I really like her style–and she’s a great DIY’er!

Two Ohs and One Dog:  Actually there are three four Ohs in the house now!  But Mrs Oh has been a bit too busy with baby Oh to keep their blog updated.  I bet that sister of mine gets some before and after house pictures up soon!

Unclutterer: This blog is one of my newest discoveries and I have to say I love it!  I always have at least one or two (and currently three!) blogs saved to reread and reference later.  I just want to soak it all in, such great inspiration!  Now…if only I could implement their ideas!

Urban Goes Country: I began reading the Urban adventures when they were in the middle of adopting their daughter Ava.  She was on the waiting list at LLH before they got her home.  And so really, she’s my first “celebrity on the blog meet in real life” experience.  I was blessed to go to their home for the Welcome Ava! party and it was so great to meet her.  Seriously.  I was giddy.  You should go check out the Urbans now…their family is growing again!

And that, my friends, is the end of the line.  I secretly hope that I’ve fed a few of your blogging appetites.  If you don’t have google reader, you have to start using it.  It’s really the only way I can keep my blog reading obsession to a functional level.  The downside? Reader doesn’t let you actually comment on the blog you are reading.  You have to open the blog to comment.  Which isn’t a terrible deal, until you start your own blog and you love getting comments, and then you feel guilty because you stopped commenting on others long ago.  Sorry guys.  I’ll do better!

This picture: I took this in March, during my first trip to China.  I am standing in the activity center looking through the gated doors, across the walkway, and then to the doors of the orphanage.  Some of the children come over each day for education and therapy.  I didn’t know if I’d ever have a chance to go into the orphanage, and I knew I wouldn’t likely have an opportunity to take pictures even if I did.  It would really take a whole other post to talk about the significance of this daily walk they take.  Maybe after you read this, you could stop for a moment and pray for the kids that come over, for the staff that receives them, for the kids that remain in the orphanage all day, and the staff that cares for them, too.  Thanks.


4 thoughts on “the reading part is easy…part 2

  1. Did you know I met the Zoromskis in real life? They were adopting from ‘our’ orphanage. BTW I love google reader too! What did we ever do without it? Not read blogs, right?

    • Yes! I saw that on your blog. I tell ya, the Down Syndrome/international adoption/special needs blog world is a small one, right?! I could probably play six degrees of separation with all the blogs I read! 🙂

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