Did you know?

Did you know I work with infants and preschoolers with special needs? 

Did you know we help them reach their full potential while we teach them about Jesus? 

Did you know that in addition to receiving education from a certified teacher, they also receive occupational, physical, speech, and vision therapy from licensed therapists? 

Did you know we have a nurse on site to meet the medical needs of our students? 

Did you know we have associate teachers who have given up a larger income to work at our facility because they believe in what we do?

Did you know we serve over 60 children each day and have over 150 kids on our waiting list?

Did you know these services are provided at no cost to the parents? 

Did you know we receive no government funding? 

Did you know we are not a United Way agency? 

Did you know we have been providing quality educational and therapeutic services since 1972?

Did you know all of our expenses, our payroll, our bills are funded by donations?

Did you know that when there is not enough money to cover the bills and the payroll, staff members will voluntarily delay receiving their paychecks until the funds do come in?

Did you know that Kohl’s is giving away $10 million dollars this fall, $500,000 to 20 schools in the United States?

Did you know that The Little Light House is currently (10:40 pm, Thursday, August 5) ranked 36 out of thousands of schools across the nation?

Did you know that you can give us 5 votes, post the link on your facebook page, and ask your friends to give us 5 votes?

Did you know that what takes you less than a minute can make a world of difference to our school, to our families, to our students?

Login to Facebook.  Click here to vote.  Then click on the share button so your friends can know about this, too.

Update: August 17
We’re number 50.  Please help spread the word.  This video tells more of the story of my school.


5 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Did you know that The Little Light House has one of the most amazing teachers in the history of the entire world? Her name is Miss Kate and she is an awesome lady! I am so blessed to know her. Love you, Miss Kate!

  2. Thanks so much for participating!! AWESOME!!
    I have a special needs son.
    And a special needs grandson that I wish could get to the education stage.
    Keep up the wonderful work you do! ((HUGS))

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