45 reasons

why I love my husband

He looks good in a tool belt. * He also looks good at church, in a preschool classroom reading a bible. * He cooks breakfast for me. * He lets me stay in the car when he buys 49 cent drinks at Quick Trip. * He makes James laugh…a lot. * He’s good at driving on the big roads. * He watches the same news shows, listens to the same radio talk shows, and reads the same articles as my dad. * He built our bed. * He supports The Little Light House and the work I do there. * His sons beg him to go to church camp with them next year. * He can be talked into making homemade hot chocolate on an icy cold night. * He tells me I’m beautiful. * He knows how to build a fire. * He scouted out a great honeymoon cabin for us and takes me back as often as possible. * He’s a great teacher and a positive influence on kids that need it most. * He’s really smart. * He loves my family. * He’s fixing our house, one room at a time. * He drives so I can put my make-up on in the car. * He dresses up as Santa at The Little Light House Christmas party. * He cooks meals on a regular basis. * He looks good in a suit & tie. * He thinks I’m funny. * He works extra jobs to support our family. * He makes the perfect mix of coffee and cappuccino at Quick Trip on Sunday mornings. * He dreams with me. * He likes to decorate for Christmas. * He holds my hand in church. * He smells good. * He teaches me. * He doesn’t tell me I’m crazy when I talk about moving to China someday. * He likes to surprise me. * He loves Jesus. * He calls his dad for advice. * He takes me to bookstores for date night. * He lets me hog his laptop, a lot. * He wishes he could afford to buy me my own laptop. * He’s always, always respectful of his boys’ mom. * He’s a good dad to his sons. * He hopes to be a daddy to some daughters, soon. * He’s teaching himself to play the guitar. * He (and this guy) makes baldness sexy. * He is a good singer. * He’ll really do almost anything to make me happy. * He’s the man of my dreams.

Happy Birthday, darling…


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