Today I’m Thankful…

for an air conditioned vehicle.

for a husband that loves me enough to go with me to an informational meeting about delivering phonebooks and wise enough to say we’re too busy to add on that kind of extra job right now.

for a year-round school schedule that gives me time off to relax with my friends and family.

for that same school that gives me 7 professional work days before kids come back, so I didn’t panic when I finally took my school bag out of my car today and realized the pile of work I thought I might look at during break.

that we have only two more Saturdays of adoption classes!

that 2 of my 5 siblings live within 30 minutes of me, making it easy to get together during my break.

for the weekly phone schedule we put into action about 5 years ago that keeps the siblings talking on a regular basis.

that for most of this break, my house has been very clean–motivating me to get it in tip top shape before I head back to work on Monday.

that I had an unopened bottle of water in my car to give to the man on the corner, when I really didn’t want to give him any money.

for 99 cent tortilla chips and frozen ground turkey at Aldi.

for the Braum’s giftcard my grandma gave me for my birthday–which we used tonight for a cold treat to reward ourselves for finishing all of our adoption class homework in the hot, sticky house.

for the birthday money and other gift cards I got for my birthday–which have allowed me to go to lunch with my friends and on dates with my husband without wrecking our budget.  And buy some crafty things for gift making and maybe even some new clothes, too!

for a husband that wants me to go to bed at the same time he does.

Good night.


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