back to normal

Perhaps this is the beginning of a “normal” week.  Life should slow down and return to a mildly crazy pace, rather than a goalldayuntilyoudrop pace. 

Things I’ve been doing:
–working my tail off to help The Little Light House win $500,000.  We needed to be in the top 20 to recieve the money, but we finished at 28.  It was a great opportunity for us to share a little bit about our school with others.  We are blessed to have had the opportunity and are excited to see what will come of the contacts we made.  A tiny school for kids with special needs in Oklahoma placed #28 in a nationwide contest for votes, with over 60,000 schools competing.  Not too shabby.

–teaching my new Orange Class!  We started class on Wednesday, Aug 25.  I spent the week and a half prior to that preparing my classroom and meeting with parents.  I’m looking forward to a great year with some really great kids and families.  My class is a little different than usual, because most of my kids are independent walkers…which is awesome!  And it also means I get to teach them how to sit during circle and at snack and lunch.  We are also teaching them how to sit on the floor at story time or at the table during an activity.  Tons of fun…and they are already learning!!  I’m also super excited about the assistive technology we’ll be using to help kids with their communication skills.  You should totally come volunteer in my classroom, it’s the greatest!

–finalizing a few adoption items.  I think it is accurate to say that we have one more step and all of our paperwork will be turned in to our caseworker.  And then we wait…and pray for God’s intervention for the perfect placement for us and for the kids.

–playing a minimal part in the homeschooling of my youngest stepson.  My husband has done an awesome job of kickstarting the school year with Duncan.  I’m looking forward to a more active role in his education.

–camping with my sister and her family in our backyard.  It was a beautiful night to spend outdoors, perfect end to a week with too many hours spent indoors and online.  My other sister and her family came over for dinner.  Her hubby had to go out and fight crime all night and so they opted not to sleep over.  Plus, my older brother came by for a beer and a visit…topping off all of my in-state siblings!  It was great to have them over for a bit.  And we’re all totally looking forward to the week when all 6 of us will be in the same state at the same time…coming soon!

–sleeping on the couch a large part of today.  Yes, the breakfast dishes are still on the table.  The dishwasher is full of clean dishes and the clothesline hangs empty.  Fortunately, my out-of-the-house job gave me Monday off, so I have plenty of time to work on my house.

So glad to be back dear readers…I like sharing life with you.


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