There are excuses.  There are legitimate reasons.  There are answers.  I have not written in a while.  I did not follow the plan outlined in my last post.  Good intentions…

I don’t remember exactly what happened that week.  I did go to the gym on Monday–which wasn’t easy.  I probably got good sleep that night.  And Tuesday, it all blew up.  Nothing I want/need to write about.  I’d rather write about the joy I’ve experienced lately, the things I’m looking forward to, the memories I want to preserve and the things God is teaching me in this moment.

Generally speaking, I’m really enjoying this weather.  I’m certainly not the princess type, but I am also not the outdoors type.  I get cranky when I’m hot, I sunburn easily, I get sneezy, etc.  However, I spent part of my lunch break outside two days this week and enjoyed the teacher meeting at the picnic tables.  And, this morning I enjoyed outdoor seating at a coffee shop.  I even tried to get my husband to go camping this weekend.  We have a few too many chores to get caught up on, so we stayed home.  But, I’m totally getting him to sit outside with me on a blanket tonight .  More and more I’m feeling a need to be unscheduled and unplugged.  That requires planning and effort at this point in my life, but I’m hopeful it will transform into an easy habit to follow.

Besides the weather, I’ve been enjoying my family.  I really love my siblings and my nieces and nephews; so I especially enjoy it when we are all together.  My dad turned 60 last week–an event that prompted all of my aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews to come together for a celebratory lunch.  I even got to see some of my cousins and their cute kids, too. I’ll write a whole blog about that soon.  (wondering if I should make a sidebar list of all the blogs I’m going to write soon…)

I’m also enjoying my job, which is a blessing that I try not to take for granted.  The fact that I love my job is a pretty big deal.  Not everybody gets to spend their days doing something they love and I am certainly aware of that.  I think I’ll be writing more about my job soon, too.  We’ll see.

I shall go tackle some of the chores that have been ignored for a while now–the laundry has piled up, the kitchen floor is sticky and the windowsills are cob-webby.  Some music and the promise of a restful Sunday will get me through the rest of Saturday.  I’ll be back to tell you all about it…soon.


3 thoughts on “ahem

  1. Yes be thankful that you have such a fulfilling and meaningful job. I don’t love my job so much I was this close to telling my boss on Friday that I wanted out of management.

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