making it less bizarre

ahhh…an update!

Rob spoke with our caseworker today.  He confirmed that he has received all of our paperwork and we are approved! He also told Rob he would send an email inquiry about our girls*.  He had not made that a priority until he knew we were approved (and also probably until Rob reminded him).

We are also attending an adoption party on Saturday.  We knew this could be an option to meet some kids.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, because honestly I have these bizarre scenarios playing in my head.  Surely the real thing won’t be that bad, right?  My understanding is that we’ll have an opportunity to mingle with kids that are eligible for adoption at a carnival-like setting at a local church.  The kids will have nametags with color-coded stickers representing specific characteristics.  In my mind, it’s like shopping for a pet.  Someone said it’s like speed dating.  Bizarre, right?  But it must be a good thing. Right?  This is not a new concept.  It’s been done before.  All across the country.  So yes, I can’t wait to tell you all about how normal it felt.  Because right now it feels a little…bizarre.

However, as bizarre as it seems…it would only be worse for the kids if there were no prospective parents there to mingle with.  So we’re going…and hoping to make things less bizarre than if no one went.

*I know. I know.  They’re not technically our girls.  In fact, they might be someone else’s girls by now.  That’s ok, really.  I am sure we’ll be disappointed.  But we know that God is in control of every single detail and His timing is perfect.  If our girls have already found their family…hooray!  They still have played a life-changing role in our lives and we will forever be grateful to them.  And I hope I get to tell them that someday.


8 thoughts on “making it less bizarre

  1. Wait…has there been an adoption party without prospective parents that you know of? I sure hope not! So glad you guys are going on Saturday and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Today I was thinking about the top five things that I’m excited about and well, really I only thought of two things before I was distracted by something or someone….anyways, one of them was meeting your new kid(s) and another was paying off Jon’s school loans. 🙂

    • No, I don’t know of a party without parents. But there is this bit of conflict in me about this whole party thing. And yet, the kids will be there and so will we.

  2. can’t wait to hear about the party. very cool to know you could meet your future kiddo(s) soon!

    other sister, pay off my student loans too. that could be exciting.

  3. I’m way too excited about this too since we met last weekend & spoke and I understand a little further in to your adoption process. Have a great time! Love you bunches

  4. Kate thank you for posting this, the Lord brought you to mind a couple of days ago and I had prayed for something to get rolling for your family. I’m so excited for you, and for the child or children God places in your family!

    Oh how great it will be for this child/children to have FAMILY! Thank you Jesus for this miracle that’s taking place. Have the child/children ready for Rob and Kate, let it be as if they are seeing their very own child/children that they have been dreaming of, let this little one or ones know as well this is their mommy and daddy you promised them. In Jesus Name Amen!

    On another note just pray that God sends a confirming word and that he gives you his heart of compassion for your child/children that could be there. Ask for Rob to have the same compassion. I’m excited…Now I can’t wait till Saturday!

    Love you always in my prayers

  5. Kate….how awesome! Wish I could hang out with you and the kiddos. You know, help you browse. 🙂 Strange concept indeed but they do need families and it is a pretty unthreatening and casual way to meet without any false hopes or disappointments. I think it’s pretty clever actually, as strange as it sounds. Can’t wait for an update!

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