memories of a miracle {part one}

Memories of a Miracle
The discovery and the telling

December 2004 was the first time I got my hopes up about being pregnant.  After nearly four years of disappointing cycles, I woke up early on a Friday morning in October 2008 to take a pregnancy test.  I ran back to bed to tearfully share the news with my husband.  Pregnant!  I remember shaking and crying and being so happy.  Really feeling like it was a dream and loving every minute of it!  That day, I had lunch with my sisters and a friend.  It was fun to have a secret, but hard not to share this news.  We managed to keep it to ourselves for about two whole days.

It was fun to tell others one by one…to hear their squeals of delight and excitement for us.  I remember eyes filled with tears of joy, huge smiles, prayers of thanksgiving, laughter and elation.  We told the boys on Thursday evening–the day before Halloween.  It was Rob’s idea.  We bought 3 regular sized plastic jack-o-lantern candy buckets..and one tiny plastic jack-o-lantern.  We set them out on the kitchen table and called the boys in to get their candy.  As we stood by, with little prompting…they figured out the message we were sending.  Excitement filled the house!  Riley called his mom and exclaimed, “I’m going to have a baby brother!…pause…or sister!”  We were all buzzing with talks of a new baby, to be born in June. Of what great big brothers they would all make.  Of the rules they would have for boys wanting to date their baby sister.

My youngest sister and her husband were renting our garage apartment.  I’d managed to keep this secret from them for a week now.  It was Halloween night and the newlyweds were hosting a party.  I drew an oven on a white t-shirt with a sharpie and hot glued a bun to the shirt.  Rob wore an apron. I won’t forget the reaction as we walked up and they identified my bun in the oven costume as an announcement.  More happy tears and huge smiles.  I remember my sister saying, “You’re my favorite one to get pregnant!” We drove down the road to show Rob’s mom our costumes and share the news.  My sister-in-law texted me congratulations when she heard the news.  I had called my mom to say that Rob and I thought we’d drive over on Saturday just to say hi.  She says she knew something might be up…but I doubt she ever guessed I was coming home to show her my Halloween costume.  Hugs and tears and joyfulness filled my parent’s home.  We also drove to my grandparents’ house and shared the news with them.  I just remember smiling until my cheeks hurt.

Another fun announcement was at work.  We meet each morning for devotion and prayers.  That particular morning we were breaking up into small groups for prayer, but I asked to make give a praise report to the whole group before we started.  As I announced our news, cheers–actual genuine cheers–filled the room.  It is great to be loved.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “memories of a miracle {part one}

  1. Kate, I am also a member of the club.I lost my daughter Aysia on July 30, 1998.As I went to the hospital in labor and on my due date I would never have guessed that my life was about to forever change! As the nurse getting me ready, she couldn’t pick up Aysia’s heartbeat on the monitor. The doctoe came into the room and told me she had passed. He gave me meds to speed up my contractions and a couple of hours later I gave birth to my daughter. The room was silent, no crying baby, nothing to bring home with me. Just flowers and cards and an empty car seat.I will never forget her and I truly believe the Lord placed me in this trial to be able to someday help another in the same situation! Your blog is wonderful and I believe it will help many people heal. Love ya- Misty

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