ordinary life

After spending three days sick in bed, it was nice to have a normal sort of day.  Well, if normal means being careful about what you put into your stomach, tiring easily, and generally running a bit slower than usual.  Nevertheless, it was good to do normal sorts of things.

It was a nice day back at work, generally a run of the mill kind of day, with a little variation to spice things up a bit.  I’m sure I’ll write about the spice later, but this post is about the ordinary things I did with my family today…because I want to remember them.  This blog is sometimes about big decisions, transitions, life changing moments, etc.  Not tonight.  It’s just about ordinary life.

We celebrated Riley’s birthday eve tonight because he wants to go to a high school basketball game tomorrow.  He’s very excited to have received a Bueno giftcard in the mail today.  Now he can hang out at the most popular after school fast food establishment and enjoy some cheesy goodness before the games.  Riley requested goulash for dinner.  It’s a simple recipe that my grandma used to make, with only three ingredients, but it’s a hit at the Zerbe house.  I also made his favorite vegetable–steamed broccoli with melted cheese.  He ate off of the birthday plate and his brothers cleaned the kitchen.

Because we’ve moved the only television in our house to the master bedroom.  (More on that at a later date, too.)  The three boys and Rob watched Big Bang Theory in there while I enjoyed some quiet rest (and a phone call from a sister) alone in the living room.  Afterward, we gathered in the living room and finished decorating the Christmas tree.  We had started the decorating last week, but ran out of lights.  Tonight we ended with the perfect amount of lights and ornaments on our tree.  Rob topped it off with the angel we bought on our honeymoon almost 7 years ago.  My dad always put the angel on top of our tree as the final touch and we’ve carried on that tradition in our home.

Then, all 5 of us piled back into the bedroom to watch The Office.  I was thankful for an episode of clean humor…”Goodbye, building.”  was one of our favorite laugh out loud lines.  And, unbeknown to some members of the audience, Riley and I enjoyed Butterfinger ice cream during the show.

To complete a night of togetherness–we talked Rob into making hot chocolate! It’s actually become a bit of a joke about how much we (the boys and I) beg him to make it, and then he makes this big deal of how much trouble it is.  I’d been working on him for a few days, though.  It’s not just regular hot chocolate, you see.  It’s homemade, Hershey’s cocoa, sugar, and whole milk–cooked on the stove top.  He even bought new mugs for the occasion!  Yummy!  We sat in the (free of a distracting television) living room together and drank up the warm, chocolatey goodness.  And we thanked Rob enough to hopefully have earned a few more batches this season.

Just an ordinary night, in an ordinary house, with an ordinary family.  Enjoying life…

While I’m Waiting…


4 thoughts on “ordinary life

  1. Sarah was remeniscing about homemade hot chocolate just the other day, maybe we’ll beg Rob to make us some when we fly in to Tulsa.

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