the post that started out serious and ended silly

I would have made it to church tonight if we had started Duncan’s algebra final at 5:30 instead of 6:00.  Because it is an online class, once you start a test you cannot exit until you are finished.  He did the test, I checked it and he made a couple of corrections before submitting it–right at 8:00.  I’m glad he’s finished, and am proud of his A, but rather bummed that I missed mass tonight.

I don’t write often about mass.  I write about observing the sabbath, going to church, lunch with our small group, etc.  But I’m realizing I don’t write much about being Catholic.  For a while I’ve had a the desire to do an in depth study of church doctrine and history.  Perhaps I can write about the things I am learning during my studies.  My husband is a historical guru–of both church and non-church events.  He pours through thick books about the reformation and fathers of the early church.  He reads page after page of historical biographies.  I’m thinking I need to add a little depth to my reading time.

Because I don’t actually know who reads this, maybe I should try to clarify my denominational status.  And maybe that should be saved for another post.  A post dedicated to my testimony of my Christian faith.  Yes. That sounds good.  For another night.  This week.  I promise.  (I think.)

————————in other news—————————–

I’m considering my goals/resolutions for the new year.  I will certainly be addressing the amount of time I spend opposite a screen of any kind.  I will also be addressing the amount of time I spend at the gym (and will even be practicing that one a bit in the next couple of weeks).  I will have goals in other areas, too–nutrition, spiritual, intellectual, social.  What are you planning to accomplish in 2011?

————————in other news—————————–

I need do to a bit of work to prepare for my last three days of teaching before Christmas break.  We’re going to have a birthday party for Jesus!  I’m picturing frosting, sprinkles and Christmas carols with preschoolers.  Fun! On one hand, I can hardly believe we are this far into the school year.  On the other, I can certainly see progress in my little ones–making eye contact and smiling, taking independent steps, talking, following directions, drinking from a straw cup–I’m so proud!

————————in other news—————————–

I haven’t done laundry this weekend, yet.  It’s probably necessary unless I’m going to teach class in a bridesmaid dress tomorrow.

————————in other news—————————–

I haven’t finished Christmas shopping, yet.  It’s probably necessary unless I’m going to give away my bridesmaid dresses as gifts.

————————in other news—————————–

I really do own things other than bridesmaid dresses.

————————in other news—————————–

I have shoes that match.

————————in other news—————————–

I’m signing off now to eat a roll and drink some diet coke while I make some lists.  And maybe a phone call or two.



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