happier thoughts

Most of you didn’t read the post I wrote last night because I didn’t link it to facebook.  It was a blek kind of post and I didn’t feel like broadcasting it, but feel free to scroll on down if you wanna know what I’m talking about.  I felt like writing, I feel like keeping it public, just didn’t feel like making it so easy to find it.

But tonight I want to write with a whole different tone.  Things to be happy about…

1.  Christmas break–although I will be working some during the break, I am looking forward to having more time to devote to my home and my family during the next three weeks.

2.  The Little Light House–our staff Christmas party was wonderful, full of laughter and a few tears, huge cinnamon rolls and egg casserole made by Mr. Mitchell himself.  Oh yes, and many lovely Christmas sweaters.

3. Old friends–a letter of encouragement and some money for LLH from a friend since kindergarten that I actually haven’t seen in over ten years; quick text messages and hours long phone conversations with the girl I most refer to as my best friend from high school; a good friend from college regularly asking me about our adoption journey and almost including me in her family holiday trip; facebook status updates from school friends–elementary, junior high, high school and college–sharing details of life and praying for one another, too.

4. New friends–a never-ending list of people to meet for coffee or lunch. When I moved here 7  years ago there were about 2 people on that list, now there is hardly time to keep up with everyone.

5. The future–dreaming of decorating a room for my kids, knowing I will tuck little ones into bed next Christmas Eve, and having confidence in the things unseen.


One thought on “happier thoughts

  1. As I write this I think of ALL the memorable times we’ve had growing up together. Going down the hallway to Mrs. Pralle’s for GT class to learn French, typing, & playing Carmen Sandiego. Playing BRAT patrol on the playground with Josslyn. Listening to your 8th grade Valdictorian speech. Going on numerous band trips to contests and Florida. Growing ever closer as we finished up High school. Then hearing about how the Lord is using you to work in the lives of His children & make lifechanging impacts. I am honored to call you my best friend & thank you for being just the wisdom I need to feel & hear. I love you sweet katie did!

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