the easy way out

Let’s go ahead and pretend I did post this on Tuesday night when I actually wrote it.  I had a bit of trouble with my pictures and links and this easy post became tricky.  And here it is…the last post of 2010.

Many blog entries have been started in my head and a few on scraps of paper.  I was optimistic about blogging tonight, but instead I’ve had some quality time under the covers for most of the evening.  I’m easily entertained with an iPod, a laptop and some random television.  I’m blessed to have a husband to supply me with cuddles, pizza and diet coke.

And so, instead of an original post, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite links.  These are all starred on my google reader so I can keep them forever.  Or until I decide to unstar them.

This is what I want in my house next year.  Unless we end up with more boys.  Well, actually I still want it.  I’ll just do it in my room.  I have a feeling if more than four males live here with me, I’ll need some time of girly sanctuary!







I have this great ambition to make these for New Year’s Eve.










However, I’ve been planning on making these since last year.  So we’ll see.







I’m considering a homemade Christmas next year.  Here’s one idea I’m keeping in mind.







This video puts things into perspective, tugs at my heart and prompts me to pray.





I live in a small house.  If I lived in a tiny house, I would want it to look like this.

The end.


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