the recap, the winding down, the reflections, the best of 2010, etc.

All over the blogosphere writers are highlighting their top 10 posts and projects; they are celebrating good things that happened throughout the year; bloggers are glossing over (and linking back to) the rough patches.

Good for them.

This baby blogger doesn’t quite have enough words published to warrant a full recap of the year.  I’ve been faithfully blogging just about six months now.  This is my 56th post.  My blog has had approximately 6000 views and when I link my entry to my facebook, I have an average of 100 readers.  That’s not too terrible, but not something to brag about just yet either.

I’m really glad I started blogging and plan to write more frequently in 2011.  I enjoy feedback from my readers, the process of putting my thoughts into print and the record I am keeping.  I love reading blogs and it’s fun to be on the other side of the publish button, too.

Here’s my paragraph of recapping 2010…maybe next year I’ll be so cool I will link to previous entries as I review the year.  Maybe.

I began with a renewed energy for serving the Lord at The Little Light House.  I had spent the better part of 2009 in a cloud (with varying degrees of thickness) of sadness.  My focus was back on being grateful for the many blessings I have.  I soon learned that I would be going to China, twice.  Amazing!  Rob and I considered adoption through the state of Oklahoma and then began our journey to receiving children in our home.  I have slowly and almost steadily begun the process of preparing myself, my home and my family for this upcoming blessing.  I got three new nieces and a goddaughter, too.

I’m very excited about 2011.  I have personal goals and family goals.  I’ll be making a bit of a career change in order to better serve my family and my school.  I’ll strive to be a better wife, stepmom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, teacher and follower of Christ.  And this year?  Well,…

this will be the year that someone calls me Mom.

and I can hardly wait!


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