Goal Focus: Spiritual

I am setting goals in several areas for the new year and will write about them in a series of posts during the next couple of weeks.  I’m starting off with my spiritual goals because that’s the only area I’ve really started.  I’m meeting with my friend* Amanda soon and we’re going to map out a plan of attack for our year-long goals.  She’s a good one to keep me accountable.  We’re alike in many ways and I’m glad we’ll be working together.  I’ll share the details when I know them.

–Read the chronological bible in 90 days–
I’ve attempted to read the bible in 90 days a few times.  I’m not proud to say that I’ve never made it through the Old Testament.  I’ve also attempted to read the chronological bible in a year.  I think I made it to March.  I’m now two days into reading my One Year Chronological Bible–adjusted to read it in 90 days–I’ve read through Jan 8.  Amanda is following this same plan, so that’s helpful.  I like the idea of reading the bible in 90 days because while it seems a bit overwhelming, it’s really very doable. (Please ignore the fact that this will be the fourth time I’ve started.)  It basically takes about 12 pages a day to get through the entire bible in 90 days.  For me, it is important to stay focused on what I am reading.  However, it is also important to realize that reading through the bible in 90 days is different from studying the bible.  There is not time (in my world) to study the entire bible in a 90 day time period.  This is just an opportunity to spend time each day reading the Word of God and at the conclusion, have an overall picture of the bible.  It’s also nice that you finish 90 days after you started.  (rocket science, I tell you)  My point being you might  actually remember the beginning when you get to the end, because it’s only been 90 days.  Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.  I’ll let you know.

–Attend mass at St. Benedict’s weekly–
We are members of St. Benedict’s, but we frequently attend mass at various other Catholic churches.  I know we’ll be out of town some weekends, but I’m hoping that’s the only thing that keeps us from attending St. Benedict’s.  We really like Father Joe and I want to be a part of the church community there.  That’s hard to do when we’re hopping around all over the diocese of Tulsa.  The mass schedule is such that we will have about three options to choose from, while still being able to attend worship service and LIFE group at FBC.
P.S. I did not forget that still owe you a post about the fact that I regularly worship the Lord at two different places.  I’ll get to it.  I promise.  Which leads me to my next goal…

–Study Church History–
I think it’s most important to know who Jesus is and to follow him daily.  I also think it’s important to know why Catholics believe certain things and why Baptists believe certain things.  I think it’s important to know where traditions originated and how they’ve changed over the years.  I want to know the black and the white and then I want to figure out what to do with the gray.  In addition to reading (and studying) the bible, I will be studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the documents it references.  I’ll also be studying the Baptist Faith and Message.  Thanks to my history loving husband and my friend Amanda, I’m well equipped with thick books on the history of the Church.  I anticipate some good conversations with both my priest and my pastor, my Protestant friends (and husband) and my Catholic siblings.  Book suggestions are welcome.

–Fill our home with scripture–
I want to post meaningful scripture around our home.  I also want to memorize, read and study scripture as a family.  I’ll expand on this when I get the details worked out.

–Fill my mind with scripture–
A couple of years ago, I had the idea to memorize the book of James.  I started really studying it and reading it often after my nephew James was born.  I’m excited about actually putting it permanently in my head and my heart this year.

–Observe the Sabbath–
I want to give this day to the Lord and do my part in allowing others to do the same.  I will attend church and spend time with my family and friends.  I will not shop for groceries, hand soap, hair products or anything else I thought I needed today.  I might even wait until Monday to buy the Sunday paper.  I did goof up today and buy some fast food lunch.  I realized it afterward.  And then, I goofed again and bought Starbucks after mass.  But, I did not go to the grocery store to buy eggs.  Which is what I will be doing at approximately 5:30 tomorrow morning.



*my friend–I have a feeling I’ll reference Amanda fairly frequently, so I’m just going to go ahead and let you know she’s my friend.  That way I don’t have to say “my friend Amanda” each time.  I’ll just call her Amanda.  We used to teach together.  She’s currently in grad school.  We can talk for hours.  She’s seen my messy house and kept me company while I did laundry all day.  We like coffee.  She thinks I’m smart.  We challenge each other.  We’re honest.  I’m glad I know her.


One thought on “Goal Focus: Spiritual

  1. Nice, I like these goals. 🙂

    And when you post about going to two churches, could you address how you’ll approach that with adopted kiddos? Much thanks!

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