My blog title is While I’m Waiting, inspired by this song.  When I registered for this blog (almost two years ago!) that wordpress name was already taken.  Instead, I registered for the site name ps11829.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” Psalm 118:29

While it is a fairly well-known scripture, it has personal significance to me.  I chose this verse when I made a public facebook announcement of my pregnancy in November 2008.  I also posted this verse at the end of my note announcing my miscarriage a few weeks later.  The circumstances may change, but the word of God does not.

I’m still waiting.  I’m waiting, and I’m hopeful.  I speak with more confidence than ever before.  I know 2011 will be the year we adopt children.  I know there will be more stockings hanging in our home.  I know that next Valentine’s Day I’ll hang a heart-shaped wreath on my girls’ bedroom door.  (Okay, that one I only know if we adopt sisters.  I won’t subject my boys to girly decor…but I will make them heart-shaped pancakes and pink milk!)

So maybe it’s good that my actual blog address isn’t  Because the wait is almost over.  My blog isn’t just about our adoption journey.  It’s also about being a wife, taking care of my home, observing the sabbath, and the miracles I get to hang out with each day.  Someday soon, I’ll get to write about being a mom.  It’s going to be great!

Adoption Update:
Nothing new to report, really.  We haven’t been able to look at the newly staffed adoption files since November.  However we found out on Thursday that the December and January files are at our county office, so I’ll be reviewing them on Friday afternoon.  If you happen to read this before then, I’d love it if you would say a quick prayer.  This will be the first time that I will go to the county office without Rob.  While I’m not able to copy any files, I can take notes on kids that we might be interested in.  Afterward, we can request information from our caseworker.  Please pray that I would have wisdom as I read through the files, pray for the children whose lives are so affected by abuse and neglect, pray especially for the kids that are hard to place.  Keep praying that God would lead us to the sibling group that He has chosen for us to parent, and that we would be united in His perfect timing.

I’m happy to be linking up to Kelly’s Korner where she is highlighting blogs about adoption.  Hop on over for some inspiring reading!


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