a hard day’s…er…hour’s work

We’re smack dab in the middle of the worst snowstorm in state history.  That seems dramatic, but we actually did experience record-breaking snow accumulations on Tuesday.  I’m blessed to be able to stay home when the roads are bad, which means I’m ending day two of the great snow in of 2011.  I really don’t mind at all.  We have electricity.  Rob and I did our major grocery shopping for the week on Saturday evening.  I got a few extra things on Monday after work.  We have laptops, an iPhone and an iPod, television and a stack of books and magazines.

Oh.  And I also have a messy house.

I really had good intentions of doing something about that today.  As the morning slipped away, I was still in my pjs and still in my bed.  I started sorting laundry and maintained focus for about an hour.  Even though I was certain I’d have at least one more day at home, I felt like I should probably get something accomplished.  Since I’ve spent the majority of the last two days in bed, I’ve had a front row view of this:

Seems like a good place to start, right?  And, just to spice it up a bit I posted the above picture on facebook with the promise I’d update in one hour.  I took extra pictures because I know everyone’s dying to know how I tackled this mess!

First, I cleared off the dresser entirely…

Wait…let’s take a closer look at that before picture…

(click to enlarge)

A huge pile of clutter can be a bit overwhelming, right?  I can load and unload a dishwasher all day long.  I can wipe countertops and even scrub a toilet.  But tackle a messy dresser or closet full of clutter?  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!

I decided to start by sorting my items into things that will likely return to the dresser…

And items that needed to find a new home…

Next, I gloved up put a lonesome sock on my hand, grabbed my Swiffer Dust & Shine (with febreeze lavender scent) and a bottle of glass cleaner.  I shined up the place and snapped a beautiful clutter free picture… 

(clutter free if you ignore the reflection and the shoe in the lower right corner)

Then I began placing things back on the dresser.  I basically start out with the same things on my dresser each time I do this. I keep my hairspray, deodorant,perfume, q-tips and cotton balls handy.  I also have a small cedar box that I got when I was a senior in high school…I think everyone in my class got one.  Do any of you have small cedar boxes?  Typically I have a candle or two, a few pieces of jewelry and some change.  I also keep a couple of memory boxes and some meaningful figurines.

Here’s the current layout…


Much better, right?

I might have a tendency to occasionally move junk from one pile to another in the spirit of cleaning.  I was determined (and I declared it on facebook) not to do that today.  And so…

I will have a new place for these books as soon as I clean off my night stand.  Can you see those cute sticky notes in the package?  I often think it’s a good idea to have those sticky wonders handy when I’m looking through my lesson plan book, flipping through a new magazine or reading my bible.  So I bought a package, or two, or even three.  But I’ve never used them because I never know where they are when I’m participating in the aforementioned activities.  And that is why I am working to declutter my life. : )

And here…

I do have a stack of a few things next to my chair.  We are in the process of repainting every room in our house, moving furniture and simplifying our possessions.  In the meantime, I am collecting home decor items that I will want to display when things settle down a bit.  Currently, they are next to the chair in my bedroom.  I’ll get them stored away more appropriately soon, I promise.


because my sister seemed a bit concerned about the condition of my bed as seen in the mirror.

(Yes, I carefully took this photo of my bed sans nightstands.  I think that will be tomorrow’s project.  I think.)

So that’s the play by play of how I cleaned up my dresser in an hour today.  Productivity at its finest, I must say.


2 thoughts on “a hard day’s…er…hour’s work

  1. Someone should take a picture of you and add one of your li’l captions that should say “Has a time management problem” and point it at your head. 🙂

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