my man

(I can’t figure out why the picture doesn’t load correctly.  Click on the X and it should satisify your curiosity.)

Me and the mister.

Our first picture together.

Taken at a middle school dance.

Less than two weeks after we first met.

Totally in love.

And totally hot.


Geez.  We look young.

Edited to add the email I attached this picture to…sent mostly to my work friends and my BFF.  I was seriously walking around with a smile plastered on my face…and everyone knew he was the one.  At that point, my new boyfriend and my sister’s basketball games were the highlight of my social life.  Well, that and lots of evenings spent with this girl.

Hi friends!
just wanted to share a picture of the guy that's made me so
twitterpated...we had a lovely time at the valentine's dance...and the
students sure thought Mr. Z was pretty cool to have a date!  also...i must
share this...maggie's team won yesterday afternoon...she scored 37 points
and broke the school record for most points scored in a high school career!!
we are so proud of her...and LOVE watching her play basketball! keep your
fingers crossed for her team at 6:30 tonight!
have a super duper day!


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