I have absolutely enjoyed this snow storm.  My husband has been off work every day that I have.  My stepsons are out of school and off work.  We have not lost power or water.  We are warm and well fed.

I love snow.  I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember.  Snow days were fun as a kid.  I remember my mom helping us put bread wrappers over our shoes to keep the snow out, putting socks on our hands when missing gloves couldn’t be found and newspapers on the kitchen floor to welcome us back inside the house.  At least once we were snowed in at my grandma and grandpa’s house.  If I have the story right, my dad had to drive back out to our house, hike up the driveway and retrieve my mom’s hospital bag–she was days away from delivering my youngest sister.  Cabinet doors left open with water dripping and heaters blaring, piles and piles of blankets at night, pajamas with feet and my brothers’ blanket shirts are all a part of my childhood winter memories.  One time the bus couldn’t turn down our road, so a high school boy carried my sister the 1/8 of a mile to the bus.  In high school a friend of mine’s car went into the ditch a mile from our house on his way home from work.  He walked the long, cold mile and slept on our couch that night. Although classes weren’t cancelled in college, I have great memories of playing in the snow with my friends, making snow ice cream and bundling up for the windy walk on the hill.  I lived at home during my first few years of teaching and one of my greatest memories is my aunt getting snowed in at our house.  My two sisters, my mom and I bundled up to play in my grandma’s yard and afterwards Aunt Carol whipped up one of the best batches of snow ice cream I’ve ever tasted.

Snow makes me happy.  Really.  The first time I recall actually happiness associated with snow was during my first year of teaching.  I was dealing with the recent break-up of a long-term relationship.  Muddling through, day by day, mourning the loss of my first love as dramatic as any other 22 year old facing a life of singledom would be.  I distinctly remember walking out the backdoor of my classroom across the courtyard to my principal’s office and it began to snow.  Beautiful, big, fat, fluffy snowflakes floated to the ground.  Not a snow that would cancel school.  Not a snow that brings everyday life to a screeching halt.  Just a beautiful snow from heaven that made me smile.  I also happen to be a fan of classic literature.  I read A Farewell to Arms in high school.  While I don’t remember all of the details regarding the characters, plot, etc.  I do remember that snow symbolizes safety, purity and contentment; rain represents death, agony and despair.  There have been other times in life when I was just feeling a bit blue, or maybe even really sad for a legitimate reason…and honestly, a snowfall just lifts my spirits.

So yes, I love snow.  I love the sparkly, glittery, untouched snow that covers the yard.  I love the clumps of snow in the evergreen trees.  I love staying inside and cooking for my family.  I love bundling up and building snowmen and snowforts.  I love the adventure of an ice storm and the memories it creates.  I love the quiet, beautiful neighborhood streets.  And I love the anticipation of a day off of work.

All of that to say…

I realize that not everyone is filled with love for the cold, white stuff.  My brother-in-law worked many extra hours when his patrol car was stuck for the last time early Tuesday morning.  My pharmacist family members do not have the luxury of staying home when the roads are bad.  I’m not so caught up in my own enjoyment to not realize that there were people who couldn’t stock up on food because they were waiting for their first of the month paycheck or their food stamps.  I know there are families that are not accustomed to feeding their children lunch at home every day, and their budgets are already tight.  I also know that while my husband and I are salaried employees who will continue to receive our regular paychecks, many hourly workers are wondering how they will pay their heating bills this month.

My boys are old enough to entertain themselves with minimal supervision.  They sleep late.  And we live close enough to their mom’s house that they’ve been splitting their time between two houses as usual.  I don’t have cranky toddlers or kids who have difficulty with a disrupted routine.  My family is healthy and we don’t have to think about getting out to go to the doctor.

I’m not trying to run a shelter for the homeless or at-risk families and wondering when the grocery stores will be restocked in order to provide food to those who need it, rather than those who are just tired of eating what they have at home.  I’m not making decisions about when Meals-On-Wheels should resume deliveries.  I’m not waiting on important mail to be delivered.  I don’t need prescriptions filled.

We started out with a houseful of food that we love.  I have a husband that likes the challenge of driving on snow packed streets, and he’s restocked our supplies.  He also took his youngest out to the movies as a break from online high school.  His classes don’t stop and in fact, he ends up doing more because we’re home to help.  Rob drove Calvin to work tonight and kept this stepmom from being worried.  The chili is in the crockpot and the family is piled into our bedroom to watch the Superbowl.  The worst we’ve got going on is a small dose of toomuchtogetherness.

I’m well aware of my blessings and am trying to be aware of the needs of others.

Please join me in praying for them tonight.

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John 3:16 Mission

Iron Gate

Meals on Wheels


3 thoughts on “clarification

  1. i’m glad you’re having a great snowbreak! and i really hope i get to see you tomorrow. i’ve really wished i was closer to family (as in next door!) this past week.

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