snow day fun–part one: crafts

I think I will probably try to make this one…so cute and I have everything I need!

Valentine Tree

Fairy Valentine Tree

I can totally picture little people playing with these guys!

Sweet Suitors

Sweet Suitors

Read the whole article on this one.  Sounds hilarious!  A winter version of flamingos in the yard!

Antarctic Auditions: Penguin Craft

Antarctic Penguin Craft - Image 260

I’m not totally sure this one is worth the effort…unless you have a kiddo who’s very into detail work!

Glittery Window Clings

Glittery Window Clings

I might do this one, too…if I end up playing in the snow with my niece again!

Snow Mosaic

Snow Mosaic

A multi-step project…but looks fun!  I’m thinking about making one with orange slices frozen inside!

Winter Sun Catcher

Winter Sun Catcher


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