snow day fun–part two: snacks & candy

I considered swiping some of these candy canes from work last week before I left…I totally wish I had!

Sweet Heart Pops

Sweet Heart Pops

I might use paper to make the gnome hats rather than felt…seems a bit easier, but oh, so cute!

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Gnome Sweet Gnome Valentine

I’ve seen this idea several times, but I’ve never tried it.  Maybe this is the year!

Cupcakes for Cupid

 Cupid's Cupcakes

And while this is typically a family friendly blog…I need to warn you before I post this next link.







I don’t know how it happened….

but when I googled

chocolate chip cookie dough snow ice cream

for my friend/boss

I found this

Whale Tail Cookies
(and I don’t mean Jonah’s big fish)




cracked me up!!!!

pun totally intended!


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