Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Lent Eve…one last hurrah before we dive in to the season of Lent.  I’m really looking forward to Lent this year.  Admittedly, there have been recent Lents that I haven’t welcomed with such excitement as this one.  I have a feeling it is just one more step in a journey that I’ve been navigating along for a little while now.  A journey to a simple life, less material possessions, fewer worldly distractions and a renewed focus on the things that matter most.

I splurged today on food.  I spent the past week counting calories and making healthy choices.  It had been way too long since I had given much thought to what I was putting into my body.  While I didn’t make any drastic changes, I was very aware of what I was eating, and tracking it regularly.  I worked out a couple of times, skipped the fast food and snacks at work.  According to the best guess of my not always reliable bathroom scales…I lost nearly 6 pounds in a week’s time.  Every Tuesday won’t be spent enjoying Chinese buffets, second helpings of pancakes for dinner and a big bowl of ice cream before bed.  I’ll probably give myself one treat meal/dessert each week.  But since Lent starts tomorrow, I wanted to have a day to basically eat whatever I wanted to eat, and not track the calories.  That didn’t mean I could skip the gym, though.  And I always track those calories…today was almost 450 calories in 35 minutes on the elliptical.  I should have paid attention earlier and pushed it all the way to 450.  Soon I’ll be back up to my almost 1000 calorie burns on the elliptical that I was doing about a year ago.


It’s not exactly Lent related, but I am glad I’m back in business with working out and paying attention to what I eat.  I will be abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent.  Also I’ll be fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  I will likely add some other fasting days–I’m thinking about fasting every Friday.  I think I do need food/energy when I’m teaching, so Friday seems like a better day to limit my meals.

I am giving up facebook and severely restricting my internet usage.  I’m on the computer way too much!  So, no facebook at all until Easter.  I’ll also limit the number of blogs I read.  I have a long list of blogs I subscribe to, and then I manage to wander around and find new ones every day.  I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be doing to limit them…maybe just reading the blogs of people I know in real life, maybe giving myself a small time limit each week…we’ll see.

I’m also giving up television.  It really won’t be too terribly hard for me.  I’m kind of sick of watching it anyway.  Now, I’m not going to run out of the room or something when Rob turns on the news while we get ready for work.  Or if we are hanging out and he wants to watch tv while I write a blog, that’s fine, too.  I basically want to cut out the times of mindlessly watching tv for hours upon end.

What will I be doing with all this extra time?  I want to read some books I got for Christmas and haven’t finished yet.  I also want to catch up and follow through with my chronological bible reading plan.  I’m going to spend time with my family, prepare my home for more kids, mail a letter, make a phone call, have coffee with friends, play with my nieces and nephews.

And write more often.  I’ll be here frequently.  Writing about the things I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks, writing about my future, and writing about my Lenten journey.


2 thoughts on “40

  1. I really hate to say something selfish on your blog about lent….however…..I hope you still stop by my blog!! I will miss you if you go 🙂

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