leaving on a jet plane

All their bags are packed

They’re ready to go

Maybe it was the fact that they practically begged us not to.  Or maybe it was because Rob and I were both a little misty eyed when I simply snapped a picture of their bags lined up at church this morning.  Either way, we ended up waving to the church busses as they drove away this morning.

After just 5 hours of sleep, I woke early ran my errands and grabbed breakfast.  Duncan collected a few things from his mom’s house and we headed downtown.  The boys mingled with their friends–those traveling with them and those staying behind, including big brother Calvin.  Extra bibles were packed into suitcases and t-shirts were handed out.  A final prayer for the team and they were on their way.

According to the facebook update, their flight out of Tulsa was delayed an hour.  However, in true youth group character, they sang their way to Gate 21 with smiles on their faces.  The airline website shows their plane landed in Guatemala at 7:20 pm.  We may get occasional updates via facebook or their youth group website.  I’m already looking forward to hearing all their stories when they return!


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