what’s the opposite of writer’s block?

Should I write about…
–The book that I received at church last Wednesday, Rediscover Catholicism, (I’m nearly finished with my first read through and have bookmarked at least 4 quotes I want to think/write about)
–The adventure of 3 nieces and 2 nephews sleeping over on Friday night, topped off with a visit from a 4th niece on Saturday morning
–The frustration of reading an article yesterday stating that there are 300 children in Oklahoma foster care who are eligible for adoption and have not been matched with families
–The job I’m working at LLH during break, which (as soon as a new teacher is hired) will become my all the time job, not just my during break job
–The things I might have posted on facebook, ya know like today is PI DAY!!!, if I was in fact, posting on facebook
–The next part of my story, Memories of a Miracle, which I began in October


2 thoughts on “what’s the opposite of writer’s block?

    • yep. march 14…3/14…3-14…3.14…some schools’ math clubs sell pie that day as a fundraiser. it’s the height of nerdiness…and i like it! : )

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