oh, the randomness!

I started this post during our big snowstorm.  Facebook was the connection with the outside world and I was on it constantly.  I decided to start writing down would-be status updates and make them into a blog post.  I’ve added a few more since I began my facebook fast.  Pay no attention to any refrences to time.

Duncan is working on a science experiment involving static electricity, which means he rubbed a balloon on my head twice today.  With my permission.

Things that are normally only a little bit humorous have suddenly become tear-producing hilarious.  Including: Craig Furguson, King Of The Hill, Australian newspaper misprints and scantily clad cookies.

While searching for a brownie recipe today, I found one for Bodacious Brownies.  I didn’t care so much for the recipe, but I love the name.  My mother would be so proud.

We have an accountability software program on our computer and I get an email each week to let Rob and I know if we need to review sites that have been visited or terms that have been searched.  A few red flags went up the week Duncan was studying about simple machines.  I’ll let you figure out which innocent search had our software program concerned.

I’m wondering what message I’m supposed to be receiving from God.  I have chosen to limit my internet time and have given up facebook during Lent.  I was without my iPod for three entire days–two days due to the fact that it mysteriously jumped from my nightstand under my bed, nearly out of reach and almost entirely out of sight.  I purposefully left my laptop at work two nights in a row.  However, I purposely packed it up on Friday in hopes that I would have some time to blog this weekend.  And yet, my school bag containing my computer is no where in sight.  Not in my car and not in my house.  Which means it must be sitting right outside my office door or on the breakroom table where I paused on my way out the door.  I can seriously uphold my Lenten commitments without my technological devices out of my reach.  Seriously!

I fed 7 children dinner last night.  Rob fed 8 children breakfast this morning while I drove a 9th to Collinsville.  We totally got this parenting thing down.

I stood up in church today.  As in, “I made the decision to stand up during a song.” not “I joined the rest of the congregation by standing during the song.”  Oh sure, most of the congregation was standing by the end of the song and I wasn’t the first one to stand up by any means.  I did wonder if my Baptist stepsons were embarrassed by their Catholic stepmom.  But seriously, who can sit down and sing “Oh Glorious Day!”???

Because I like to balance things out, I should mention that I’m totally loving the book Rediscovering Catholicism.  It hasn’t so much mentioned spontaneously standing up during a song, but it’s full of great stuff.  I’ll devote at least one whole blog post to my favorite quotes.  From my first read through. I’m totally re-reading it with highlighter in hand.

836 calories burned, 4.25 miles untraveled, 65 minutes on the elliptical–perhaps inspired by the McDonald’s I ate for lunch, or the fact that it is my obnoxiously asks me every week if I went to the gym little brother’s birthday today…either way, I was one sweaty mess.  I totally busted it during Hoedown Throwdown on my playlist, burning 17 calories a minute while sweat dripped from my nose, bounced off my headphone cords and splashed onto the floor.  It was awesome.

Things I’m looking forward to doing tomorrow: double couponing, cooking and freezing large amounts of meat, blogging, napping and cleaning my house.  In no particular order, of course.


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