as time goes by

–1 year ago my husband saw a video of waiting children on the local news and we started our journey to domestic adoption

–9 months ago I mailed our completed application and health forms

–8 months ago we had our first visit with our caseworker

–7 months ago our homestudy was completed

–6 months ago we were approved by OKDHS for adoption

–5 months ago we attended our first adoption party

–4 months ago we learned that our girls were successfully placed in a permanent home and reviewed files at the county office for the first time

–almost 2 months ago I reviewed files at the county office a second time

–last month we attended our second adoption party and listed 5 sibling groups (a total of 13 children) on our interest form

–it could be another 2-4 weeks before decisions are made for referrals from that party

–1 week ago we reviewed files yet again

…and still, we wait.

In the meantime, it is possible that I have googled the following terms
–large family, small house
–freezer recipes
–Oklahoma waiting child (always on the lookout for cute kids!)
–large family blogs
–transracial adoption

It is also possible that Rob and I have discussed the following topics
–bunk beds stacked 3 and 4 high
–cargo vans
–a third couch in our living room
–being that crazy big family

We might have accidentally fallen for a sibling group of five.  Oh yes. I said five.

But he already nixed the idea of Rob and Kate plus 8. 


5 kids, 4, kids, 3 kids…maybe even 2 kids…we just want to get us some kids.  Sooner, rather than later would be good.  But we’re hanging in there.  For now.


4 thoughts on “as time goes by

  1. Rob and Kate Plus 8!! Yes!! I love it! The world would be a better place if they could see the two of you loving each other and parenting and giving and all of the wonderful things you are!!

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