numbers and prayer requests

We currently have 7 formal inquiries in process (5 from the adoption party and two from the latest statewide staffing) for a total of 20 children.  That’s 7 different sibling groups that we are interested in further information for potential adoption. 

one group of 5
one group of 4
one group of 3
four groups of 2

Our caseworker told us it could be 4-6 weeks before the final authorizations are made from the adoption party.  It’s been about 4 and a half weeks.  The statewide staffing was held March 15 and our worker “put us in” for a sibling group.  It happened to be one that we wanted to inquire about after having read the files at our county office.  We emailed him Sunday evening about that group as well as one other group we had read about. 

Please pray for these children.  While Rob and I are anxious to adopt children as soon as possible, the ultimate goal is for every child to have a permanent home.  If there are seven other couples willing and able to adopt these children, we think that is wonderful!  We want to provide a home to the children who need it most, children that may be harder to place than others, children who need three big brothers, children meant to be a part of our family.  Pray that the children have peace and joy.  Pray that they know the love of Jesus and that they cling to Him in times of confusion and heartache.

Please pray for the adoption workers that will review the files of potential families.  Pray that they keep an open mind, that they are discerning the needs of the children as well as the abilities of the families.  Pray that God would guide them in the selection.  Please pray that their work is swift, accurate and efficient.  Pray that they have the peace of Christ during stressful moments.

Thanks, team.


2 thoughts on “numbers and prayer requests

    • : ) I can’t wait to have news to share! And, I might just need to job-shadow you for a day or two to see how you get it all done…especially if I end up getting 4 or 5 kids!!

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