I should have known…

…this day would come.

The day when nearly every piece of clothing I own like (including my, ahem…undergarments) is in the dirty laundry basket  pile moat that surrounds my bed.

The day when I finally remembered to buy new name brand dryer sheets.

The day in which I had nothing in particular planned, other than to catch up on housework, shop for groceries and drain the moat.

This day–a nice, breezy spring day–as I walked to my laundry room to retrieve my first load of dried clothes, I thought I should write a post about that first day of the year when the weather is just right for drying clothes on the line.

This day, while I sorted my laundry I set aside the pantsthatshouldnotbeshrunk, so that I could maybe hang them outside.

The day that my dryer broke.

And the fun, spring and summertime adventure of hanging clothes on the line becomes a necessity.

The day in which my husband explains that there is a middle line between our clothesline posts for a reason.

The day when I have suitable-for-public-viewing clothing and towels on my outer two lines, whilst my not-so-public garments are washing and waiting to be hung on that semi-private middle line.

Yes, I should have known this day would come.


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