enjoying life

Things I’m enjoying about life…

finally making Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls tonight after months of considering the task

talking with my youngest brother for an hour about the good things in life and the things we want to do better

napping with my husband almost every weekend

spending the morning at my older brother’s house, thankful that he married my college friend

the knowledge that so many people are praying for our family, especially our future children

my stepsons–the one who wrote his senior paper about The Beatles, the one who wants to be a better football player next season, and the one who gets my math jokes

breezy spring afternoons and brand new clothespins

the anticipation of my goddaughter’s 1st birthday party tomorrow and the car ride with my youngest sister

the chance to notice my many current blessings while I’m waiting…


One thought on “enjoying life

  1. And the anticipation of seeing me today?….huh?! Huh?! ;). Wish I could ride with you girls but that doesn’t make much sense geographically…see ya there! Love you!

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