Number One:
There is a chocolate chip pecan pie in my kitchen that my stepson’s prom date’s mom made for him.  He’s “not that into pie” and apparently neither is anyone else in this house.  Ahem.  Except me.  It has been there for exactly one week.  I have eaten two small pieces of it.  The rest remains.  It would be so tasty with a cup of coffee.  It is tasty without the coffee.  I am seriously contemplating making a pot of coffee at 11:30 pm in order to experience mouth-watering bliss. 

I do not believe decaf coffee has a purpose in my life.  If I make coffee tonight, I will likely stay awake all night.  I have exactly one million things to do and I have no time for sleep.  However, it is probably not a good idea to stay awake all night.  The chances of me being productive are slight.  Which will put me in a position to attempt to accomplish all one million items on my task list on little to no sleep.  That doesn’t really seem like a good idea, does it?

Number Two:
I “gave up” television for Lent.  Which really means I felt pretty somewhat guilty every time I watched tv during Lent.  However, I did not watch two of my favorite/regular shows: The Office and SNL.  Tonight was Steve Carrell’s last episode.  I didn’t watch it.  Partly because I’m not yet convinced I should spend any much time watching television, and partly mostly because I have not seen several of the previous episodes this season.  The rest of the Zerbe clan watched The Office tonight, which happened to start immediately after we finished the first sit-at-the-table dinner we’ve had in a long time.

While they piled into my messy bedroom to watch television, I made dessert.  I delivered dessert, sent a couple of text messages, and have been online, on facebook, on blogs ever since.  The evidence of the sit-at-the-table dinner is still sitting-on-the-table.

If I was cranky about the fact that everyone ate and enjoyed the meal that I prepared, and then expected me to clean up the meal that I prepared (minus the boys’ dishes that were loaded into the dishwasher–trained!)…ahem, if I was cranky about that, I’d leave it all there.  And in the morning, when they are anticipating breakfast…I’d explain that I couldn’t cook because the kitchen is a mess.

Lucky for them, I’m not cranky about it.  After I publish this blog post, and after I make that pot of coffee, I’ll load the dishwasher, put away the rest of the evidence and cross my fingers that my oven works in the morning so that I can bake biscuits for my men.

Number Three:
If I was not so lazy, I would add a picture of the stepson and the prom date to this post.  I would also link back to my post about Lent, and a YouTube clip of Michael Scott wearing his lady clothes, I would also add a picture of the dessert I made.

Number Four:
I really want to tell you about the dessert I made.  Peeps s’mores.  Pictures to come tomorrow…maybe.

Number Five:
Sometimes my oven works.  Sometimes it does not.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to its work habits.  My dryer does not work.  I do not mind using the clothesline.  In fact, I quite enjoy it.  Except when it coats my clothing with pollen and I cannot breathe properly for weeks at a time.  And except when it rains all weekend and I can’t do laundry.  Tomorrow someone will come to diagnose the dryer.  This weekend we will investigate the oven.

I have a new kitchen faucet.  I am thankful for my dishwasher.  I want to purchase a deep freeze soon and am undecided on the upright/chest issue.

I have nothing further to say about the appliances in my home.


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