use your imagination

(Update: Links to The Little Light House website are fixed!)

I have a few new readers (hi, new readers!) so I will take a minute to explain a bit about The Little Light House and why it is so important to me.

 The Little Light House is a Christian Developmental Center for children with special needs.  Children ages birth through five years receive educational and therapeutic services from certified teachers, licensed therapists and dedicated associate teachers.  I know you already think it sounds amazing, right?  What you should also know is that these services are provided free of charge.  The families do not pay tuition.  Funding for day-to-day operation of LLH is provided by donations from community members, businesses and foundations.  LLH holds 4 major fund-raisers each year.

The Garden Party was held on Saturday.  It’s a beautiful fundraiser that is an amazing excuse to put on a flowery dress, a fancy hat and have brunch with the ladies.  Around 700 women attend each year to support The Little Light House.  There is a silent auction (this year over 350 items!) and a live auction.  I decided the live auction might be one of my very favorite parts of the event.  We have a great auctioneer that volunteers his services.  This year he brought a whole team of spotters and is great at encouraging people to bid on the items.  We had 11 big-ticket items in the live auction this year.  The one that everyone is talking about is the awesome playhouse.  It is a pink playhouse, constructed professionally with electricity inside!  I think they said it was valued at $10,000.  A donor and longtime friend of LLH purchased the playhouse for…$29,000.

And then.

She donated it to our school so that the kids could use it.


Tears sprung to my eyes as the bids kept getting higher and higher.  The fact that someone wants to give $29,000 to support the ministry of The Little Light House is simply wonderful.  And then, she just gave the playhouse back to us.

It’s a great fundraiser, a wonderful and inspiring day.  I’m so blessed to do what I do every day.

(I thought about taking my camera with me, but I forgot it.  I don’t have a fancy shmancy phone with a good camera on it.  You’re gonna have to use your imagination.  But trust me, LLH’s Garden Party is oh, so cool!)


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