purging with a purpose

I’ve recently been motivated to get refocused on ridding my home of 2011 things this year.  I have had a few organizational spurts over the past few months.  I haven’t been good about blogging my list of items, but I usually manage to scratch out a list before the items leave my home.  My sister and her adorable baby came over Monday to keep me company while I cleaned.  Maggie kept track of my items that day, so I’ll add them when I get the lists from her.  In the meantime, these are my latest items plus a previous list that was stuck on my refrigerator.

43. broken trivett
44. ceiling fan globe

45. black coat
46. roller blades
47. candle holder
48. Game Cube carrying case
49. flip-flops
50. baseball
51. shoe laces
52-54. belt buckles
55. earphones
56-58. coffee mugs
59. Santa hat
60. throw pillow
61. teacher book
62-64. Star Wars books
65-66. water bottles
67. vase
68. clipboard
69. accordion file
70. binder
71. date book
72. passport holder
73. labels
74.sticky note pad
75. shopping bag
76. purse
77. decorative pillow
78. bracelet
79-80. houseshoes (two pair)
81-84. combs
85-86. film cameras
87. surge protector
88-89. knicknacks
90. scrapbook
91. red jacket
92. frame
93. key chain
94-95. pogs
96. earrings

Trash con’t
97. bag of papers
98. greeting card
99. photo
100. expired coupons
101. torn clothing
102. houseshoes
103. tea bags
104. light bulb

Returned to owner
105. passport holder


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