one week

After a week and a half of adrenaline, caffeine and words flying out of my mouth faster than usual…I have possibly settled down a bit this week.  I’m still downing the caffeinated drinks on a regular basis and if given the opportunity I will chat about my kids to anyone who seems even remotely interested.  However, we did do some normal stuff around here.

Monday–Taught some of the greatest kids on the planet and hung out with some of the most lovely coworkers ever.  I did a bit more purging of my useless possessions, and managed to get my new average 5 hours of sleep.

Tuesday–Those great kids were a tiny bit exhausting, partly attributed to my long-running lack of sleep and the absence of one of my more solid classroom volunteers.  I walked out of my school with great thoughts of a tasty cinnamon dolce frappuccino and a long bubble bath at home.  Instead, I found a flat tire and called my husband.  I did follow through with my plans of a dinner tribute to my maternal grandmother, who would have turned 95 on this day.  We ate a bit later than she would have planned, she likely did not take a bubble bath after dinner on too many occasions, and I’m certain she did not send her husband to QT for ice cream and a bottle of frappuccino as I did.  And yet, I’m sure she is proud of me.  During my bubble bath and in the coziness of my bed soon after, I read an entire book.  A wonderful end to an exhausting day, if I do say so.

Wednesday–Kids were waaaaaaaaay less exhausting, even though my associate teacher was out sick.  We baked biscuits and drizzled syrup on them as I taught about Moses leading the people to the promised land.  After school, Duncan and I aired up the spare tire and headed to Hibdon’s to buy a new one.  I multi-tasked and chatted with my BFF Mandy while waiting for the tire, and was pleasantly surprised when my husband stopped by on his way home from work to make sure everything was going okay.  I like that man.  Especially after a long work day, when he’s wearing his dress up clothes.  I was debating skipping church on Wednesday night so that I could do some chores, but a big storm came in and helped me make my decision.  All five Zerbes were home for the evening.  I managed a nice nap, a homemade mocha frappaccino for the second night in a row and a little more quality cleaning time in my bedroom.

Thursday–Great day at school.  One of my students is really making some great progress lately.  It’s such a blessing and a privilege to have a front row seat to the work God is doing.  He is amazing.  After school Rob cooked dinner while I went back out and purchased a toy train.  It was my first Craigslist purchase.  I often look at items for sale and now that I need to begin collecting fun things for small children, I think I might utilize ol’ Craigy a bit more often.  After I picked up the train, I stopped by Starbucks for that cinnamon dolce frappuccino I’d been craving since Tuesday.  I picked up a couple of things from the grocery store and arrived home just in time for dinner on the table.  We try to have my mother-in-law over for dinner on Thursday nights.  However, due to busy schedules and illness, it had been a while since we’d gotten together.  It was nice to have her over, but especially nice since Rob and the boys did all the prep work while I was out shopping!

Friday–I went to work determined to make significant progress on this year’s graduation video. I typically start working on it a few weeks before graduation. However, this year I have some extra responsibilities added to my usual classroom duties and have not put any extra time in on the video.  I plugged in my headphones, loaded up Pandora and sat at the video computer for most of the day.  I did pause for some tasty lunch at Pei Wei with two of my closest friends…delish!  I could have spent Friday evening doing chores or working ahead on lesson plans.  Instead, I sat with my man while he watched the series finale of Smallville and I surfed the web for kid room ideas.

Saturday–We stayed in bed a little later than originally planned…but everytime we do that, I wonder if it will be our last.  I know our alone time will soon be much less than we are used to and it’s nice to enjoy each other while we can.  I did go to LLH so I could work on the video for a few hours.  I’m pleased with the progress I’m making and am so thankful that God gives me creative ideas. I always pray a lot, and ask others to do the same, when I am working on our graduation video.  I know he answers those prayers and has taken away any stress or anxiety that creeps in.  I made a grocery list before I left work, but somehow didn’t make it to the store with the list.  I mostly got everything we needed for the week…I think.  On Saturday evening, Rob and I had the pleasure of attending Calvin’s ROTC awards banquet at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.  I signed up to bring desserts so I made a dirt dessert (at Calvin’s request) and a banana pudding (at Rob’s request).  It was nice to spend time with him–and his date and his mother and his grandmother.  It was especially nice because his Flight won the award for the best Flight in the school…and Calvin’s the Flight leader, so he was pretty happy and we were pretty proud.

Sunday–Early church at FBC.  My favorite quote–“I don’t know if this doctrine is very Baptist, but I do know it’s biblical.”  Man, I enjoy being a Christian and not a denomination.  Sunday School–my favorite part, listening to my husband read and teach the word of God.  Preschool Worship Time–my favorite quote “That night we came to dinner at your house, the night we came to stay forever…” spoken by a child (recently united with his forever family) to his papa.  Then home for lunch and a nap.  Now, it’s off to our next to the last Dave Ramsey class and mass at the Newman Center.

Yes…it’s been a nice week of mostly normalcy.


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