disclosure meeting, check! next up: adoption shower and hanging out with my kids!

I had to make myself listen to the song that inspired the name of my blog.  I had to remember to trust in the Lord for His timing and His perfect plan.  I had to practice patience.

We met (most of) our kids 5 weeks ago.  The paperwork was supposed to take about 2 weeks to gather up and then we’d have a meeting and move forward. I’d say we waiting pretty patiently for those first 2-3 weeks, but honestly weeks 4-5 were getting to be a bit rough.

We spent the time cleaning, painting, purging and preparing our master bedroom for the 5 little ones who will soon be masters of our home, schedules and hearts.  We finished out a school year with the boys and managed to throw a snazzy graduation reception for Calvin.  We had quality time with my siblings and their families.  And at the moment our house was getting to be such a disorgnized wreck it was driving me crazy, I left town for the day to get a haircut and visit my family one more time.

Naturally, that’s when our caseworker called to schedule our meeting!  Due to some quick texting and phone call making, I caught a ride back into town with my sister’s brother-in-law (or my brother-in-law’s brother) with plenty of time to de-clutter the house for our visit.

We received the disclosure paperwork for all 5 children…totalling about 2000 pages.  No joke.  This is the paperwork we are supposed to review before making our official decision on whether or not we want to accept the offer of this sibling group.  Good thing we had already made up our minds!  I’m sure there is some kind of helpful information in all that mess, but for the most part it is about 1800 pages of uselessness.  When I get some time/motivation next week I will condense it down and make sure I know the important stuff.

Speaking of important stuff…Rob did make the call last night to officially tell our caseworker that we want these kids! 🙂  We are unsure of the exact timeline of visitation and move-in, but have been told it will likely happen quickly.

Tomorrow my LLH family is hosting a shower for us.  I’m so excited!  The kids’ room is painted and emptied (except for the closet).  We have already received a few gifts and will likely buy beds next week.  My kids are so blessed to be loved by so many…and they don’t even know it yet!

In other exciting news, as soon as the shower is finished tomorrow, Rob and I are hitting the road.  We get to see the kids!  We know that 4 will be there and are praying that circumstances allow our 5th child to come, too.

And that, my friends is the non-picture update of my life.  Perhaps tomorrow I can add some shower pics and kid room pics. Perhaps.


One thought on “disclosure meeting, check! next up: adoption shower and hanging out with my kids!

  1. The shower was great this morning. You have the best co-workers. I’m still waiting for the Little Light House to need a pharmacist. 😉

    Hope this afternoon is going wonderfully too!

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