July 13, 2011–things to remember

My oldest (and generally pretty active daughter) crawled into bed with me this morning and we had about 15 minutes of good snuggling.

It was lovely and strange to take a shower in the middle of the day.  All other post-placement showers have taken place during the 5:00 am hour.

I went to work for a few hours while the kids napped and played with Daddy.  It felt pretty normal to be at work and it felt lovely to come home and be greeted by 4 little ones at the door.

In a moment of sheer genius, Riley convinced the kids not to cross the line (of silver dollars…for real) in our kitchen floor.  He was cooking and didn’t want them to get burned.  The reward for not crossing the line? An opportunity to watch Riley’s Cooking Show and have a banana for a treat at the end!  Seriously, why did I never think to tell them I’d give them a banana for not crossing a line in the kitchen?!  They were so excited to tell me about it when I walked in the door that I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  Riley had to translate for me…it was perfect!

We got a BWV (big white van) today. I’m soooo excited about it!  Because my husband is super cool, he let me do the test driving while he stayed with the kids.  The man who sold it to us was so nice and agreed that it must have been God that found this van for us…very new, low miles and a great price.  He hasn’t seen one since.  When we got home, we put the kids in it to explore.  Someday, I’ll show you their cute pictures. : )

I fixed peanut butter and blueberry sandwiches for 3 of the kids for dinner tonight.  Then, I was so impressed with my toddler menu, I fixed one for myself.  My middle boy (aka Wednesday or Mr. Green) likes it when I “fold it up, fold it up, fold it up” for any kind of sandwich or toast.  After the half-sandwich, he asked for a “roll it up, roll it up, roll it up” which is a tortilla wrap.  Tonight’s  was made of peanut butter and blueberries.  Previous versions have included Nutella; chicken, cheese and cucumber; and taco meat with cheese.

After dinner, Rob installed a car seat in the BWV while I started cleaning the kitchen.  The best method so far is to leave the kids at the table while the majority of the work gets done.  They each get a rag (I bought a big pack of white wash cloths at Sam’s) and I sing to them while they clean. “This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face.  This is the way we wash our face, after we eat our dinner.”  Tonight we washed faces, the table, hands, knees, elbows, ears, eyes, chin, neck and the chair.  I give them as many verses as I need in order to load the dishwasher and clear the table.

Rob finished up the dishes while I bathed 4 kids at the same time. Rob’s done three at a time, but my max has been 2.  We’re adding olive oil to the bathwater for our youngest, but since we had group bath tonight, everyone benefited from the slippery stuff.  I ended up with 4 slippery kids who went to bed with very soft skin.

And those are the things I want to remember about today. : )



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