Busytown…part one

We’ve been busy, busy, busy lately! I don’t want these days to pass without me documenting at least some of the things we are doing during these initial few weeks with the kids.  These aren’t deep thoughtful posts, just journaling so I can look back and smile. Someday they’ll be independent young men and women.  But right now, they need me and I want to remember the days that pipe cleaners and a package of new wash cloths kept them happy for at 20 glorious minutes!

Wednesday, July 13–worked for a few hours, came home and played with my kids.  Got our Big White Van! (affectionately referred to as BWV)
Thursday, July 14–played for a few hours with my coworkers, went shopping for mommy, went shopping for *Tuesday and bought things for Friday. (Go here for an explanation of their blog identities)
Friday, July 15–I had to get the kitchen cleaned.  Rob and Calvin ran an errand (to get my parents’ car cleaned) and I went into survival mode.  I tried letting the kids play in their room while I cleaned, but they kept finding their way back into the kitchen with me…which isn’t ideal for cleaning.  So I ended up putting them back at the kitchen table and opening my “box of crafty things that need minimal supervision” that I had organized before these cuties ever moved in with us.  Shiny tissue paper, pink and blue tissue paper, pipe cleaners and stickers kept them occupied while I cleaned.
The kids ate some lunch and then we piled into two cars to deliver my parents’ car to my sister’s house.  Afterwards Rob dropped Tuesday and me off for her speech evaluation.  Then Rob, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday picked up Riley and Duncan from lunch with youth group.  They headed over to St. Benedict’s to load up the back of our van with donated diapers and wipes.  Then they came back to pick us up…although somewhere along they way they stopped at QT for smoothies.
About the time I decided Tuesday would do better at finishing her eval if I wasn’t in the room, Daddy arrived!  It worked out perfectly because I left her, she cried at the doorway (good to see that she loves me, but hated making her cry when I left), and Daddy came in to encourage her during the last few minutes.
We came home and had a few minutes to breathe before Rob took Riley to work.  I shut myself in the kids’ room with them and we picked up toys together.  I tried to do a tiny bit of general pick up because friends from our Sunday school class were on their way with dinner!
Because I wanted the general pick up effort to be noticeable for at least 3 minutes, we had craft time at the table again.  This time the kids made birthday cards for their baby cousins who have just turned one! (ahem, a few of those cards have yet to be delivered.)
We had a nice visit with our friends and their two little ones.  Rob heated up dinner and we all began gobbling it up!
My good friend Amanda is out-of-town for a while, but came back for the weekend.  She hung out with us during dinner and of course the kids love her!
A longtime family friend (went to college with my mom, is my sister’s godmother, etc) stopped by with a great diaper bag (from thirty-one), diapers, wipes and clothes that were given to us by our friend’s coworker.  Someone we have never even met wanted to help us out.  I spoke with her on the phone…she said she thought I was crazy and wonderful.  Perhaps she’s right.  About at least one of those.  She also said anytime that I am feeling overwhelmed or if I need anything, just to let them know.  She said they’d take up a collection at work and take care of anything we need.  I can’t imagine that we’d actually take them up on that offer…but what a blessing to widen our circle of support!
After the kids were asleep, I had fleeting thoughts of laundry and packing for our overnight trip.  Instead, I wasted time doing nothing and fell asleep.

In the interest of keeping at least some of you engaged in this story, it will be continued at a later date. Perhaps tomorrow….


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