why I have not been blogging…
-My work laptop died before I ever went on maternity leave.  My desktop isn’t nearly as portable.
-Rob’s work laptop broke before we ever got the kids.
-I don’t seem to have a lot of time/desire to sit in an uncomfortable chair at our desktop to write.
-Random thoughts, events, photo ops pop up all the time.  So do 5 adorable children.

why I will make more of an effort to blog…
-We are ridiculously busy. I need to stop and think and write so the beauty of these moments doesn’t get lost in the never-ending list of urgent needs.
-Sometimes I cannot fathom the number of people who love kids they’ve never met, pray for a family they are not related to, provide us with moral support, and overwhelm us with gifts, money and meals.  I want to keep you all updated on the fun adventures we are having.
-Rob’s laptop is fixed and I can blog from the comfort of my couch.


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