stuff you should know

-All 5 kids are permanently placed in our home.  We are in the “trial adoption” phase.  Our adoption should be finalized within six months. We are praying it will be finalized before Christmas.
-We go through about 25 diapers each day.
-I have put 4 children in the bathtub together.  I believe that is maximum capacity.
-I am going to continue to refer to the kids by their days of the week code names: Monday (4 year old boy) Tuesday (4 year old girl) Wednesday (3 year old boy) Thursday (3 year old girl) and Friday (2 year old boy)
-Four children have been to the doctor, resulting in five additional referrals.  Two referral appointments have been held, with an additional follow up.  One referral is scheduled and two are pending.
-Rob was the one who took Wednesday and Thursday for their appointment and they each needed a shot.  I kissed their band-aids when they got home.
-I was the one fortunate enough to cuddle restrain Friday during his skin test at the allergist. Eight pokey prongs, times six panels with a tickly short of sharpie in between each one.  Good times.
-New allergy reports show that Friday is not actually allergic to wheat or soy. Fantastic!
-He may be allergic to milk. Bummer.
-Tuesday has successfully slept on the top bunk for several nights.  Previously she slept on a mattress which we store under the bunk beds.  My most clever mommy idea? Put the baby monitor on the top step of her ladder.  When she tries to get down, she knocks it off and I hear it and can go check on her. That, plus the two mattresses pulled out from under the beds would cushion her fall. ; )
-Monday is spent a lot of time cuddling with my grandma on Friday night.  They are great pals!
-We easily drink a gallon of milk a day.  We may become more pro-water. : )
-My kids are not picky eaters, which is a major blessing.
-I stayed up until nearly 4 am Thursday night/Friday morning so I could do laundry.  It is a wonderful feeling to have all of their clothes washed, folded, and put away in the correct drawers.  That feeling lasted about 5 hours.
-Before kids, we probably owned 7 washcloths.  We currently own over 50.
-We will continue to attend First Baptist Church as well as St. Benedict’s Catholic Church.  That puzzles a lot of you, but we honestly make it work and it feels right.  Until God tells us to do something different, we’re going to go right on being puzzling Christians with two houses of worship and a vast number of people in our families of faith.
-Most of the time, this doesn’t seem real to me.  I am sure there are events which will make it seem more real, more permanent.  But now, I sometimes forget.


2 thoughts on “stuff you should know

  1. Two things:
    One – The fact that you go to two churches is one of the things I love about you!!
    Two – Girl, you got this down! You’re super mom already!!!

  2. Hello there! I just stumbled upon your blog. We are going through OKDHS for adoption as well. We have been approved for almost a year now, and are still waiting. Though we have been referred to several children, and want them all. We have never gotten an answer. It gets very frustrating at times too. We are also going through the Chickasaw tribe. I was just wondering if you guys ever attended adoption parties, and how they turned out to you. I haven’t read too much of your blog yet, so you may have gone through this topic already. I just want to feel like there is a light at the end of this tunnel. We are struggling with the thought of the adoption parties, but I am wondering if that’s where we may be doing something wrong. I know you are super busy, but thanks for writing down your experience.

    You can email me at

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