Sometimes it’s hard…but totally worth it

Sometimes raising 5 children under the age of 5 is hard…

Sometimes I discipline more than I play

Sometimes I spend more time folding laundry than I do reading books

Sometimes (during the hottest summer EVER) I spend all day inside my house and still get sweaty (and maybe a little cranky)

Sometimes it takes them a really long time to fall asleep at night

Sometimes they wake up too early

Sometimes cereal gets spilled

Sometimes cereal gets spilled twice in the same morning, by the same kid


Wednesday tells me he loves me, even when I don’t ask him to say it.  He tells me he misses me, even when we’ve spent the whole day together.  Sometimes, he holds my face in his tiny three year old hands and kisses my cheeks, my nose and my mouth.

Friday says, “Mom-Mom” in the cutest voice ever.  Ocassionally he is looking at “Dad-Dad” when he says it.  And he wears onsies and cute pajamas.  He is becoming more cuddly and more attached every single day.

Monday talks. all. the. time.  He laughs, especially at his twin sister.  He wants to do things by himself.  Except when he says “Come here, Momma.”  Kitchen sounds like chicken when he talks, and he cracks up if Daddy asks him if Momma is really in the chicken!

Tuesday doesn’t want to be by herself, and sometimes comes to bed with Mommy and Daddy in the early hours of the morning.  She loves baby dolls, which sometimes have to go to time out.  Spitting is the usual infraction.  When she is excited, she jumps around and grins.  One time she got very excited…because she saw a picture of her daddy.

Thursday’s hair is soft and wavy and blooms beautifully in a small ponytail on top of her head.  She hugs new people when she meets them and squeezes me tight when I pick her up.  She loves to read books and turns it outward like a teacher so everyone can see the pictures.  She almost always gets in trouble for playing with her milk cup at the table.

And so, sometimes it’s hard…

…and it’s totally worth it.


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