i really want to write.

but there is always something else that seems is more important.

laundry, dishes, organizing, cleaning, lesson planning–and those are just the things i should do when the kids are asleep.  when they are awake there are things like reading, coloring, stringing beads, dancing, building and hugging that should come before blogging.

my time management is way out of control. worse than normal for me, i think.

lent begins on wednesday. i have several things to cross off of my activity list during this time of Easter preparation.  and a few good things to add. 

i’ll be back to blogging soon.

i have to.

there are too many good things that need to be shared and saved.

hang with me folks…exciting times are ahead! 
well, technically i’m smack dab in the middle of exciting times.  i’m just going to be sharing them again soon!



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