Meet our village…or at least a subdivision of it

Somewhere in my momma-brain is a series of posts about my faith.  Or at least how I practice my faith.  Currently.  I tend to avoid the subject on my blog because I always want to be thoughtful and thorough and truthful when I write.  It tends to be a bit of heavy subject and I’m not up for much heavy writing these days.  But someday.  Some year.  : )

The short version: I grew up Catholic.  Rob grew up Baptist.  We have centered our relationship, our home, our lives around our faith in Jesus Christ. 

We attend First Baptist Church in Tulsa on Sunday mornings.  We are active in our LIFE Group (Sunday School class).  The big boys are in youth group, go to camp and on mission trips.  The little ones are in Sunday School classes.  Rob is an actual member and teaches in our class.  I am a pretend member and am as active as my schedule allows.  We are members of a new Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry at church.

We also attend St. Benedict’s Catholic Church in Broken Arrow on Saturday or Sunday evenings.  Our family are registered members of the church.  The kids nearly knock down Father Joe with hugs each time they see him.  They are learning to sit during mass.  We don’t take a million books, toys and snacks.  They love the hymnals.  Sometimes I get sweaty wrestling kids.  It is a rare occasion that someone does not compliment us on the kids’ behavior in church.

Both church communities have supported us along our adoption journey…both pre and post-placement.  We are certainly blessed.

The kids were baptized at St. Benedict’s last month, with my 5 siblings and siblings-in-law serving as godparents.

Our family will dedicate the 5 little ones next weekend at First Baptist Church at the early service.  Our friends will come forward to pray with us and for us.  We are praying it will be a very visible example of the amazing support we have received.  Perhaps it will encourage another family to move forward with foster care or adoption.  Perhaps it will stir up a desire to support families in situations similar to ours.

Our dual church attendance doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, and that’s okay.  It works for us.  Our kids are learning about the love of Christ.  Rob and I are worshiping and growing closer to the Lord…together.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit First Baptist, or if you want to see what kind of Baptist church a Catholic girl could attend looks like, or if you just want to see the Zerbe 10 in front of the congregation…and the people who love and support us, you should come!  Bonus: If I can swing it, we’ll have a little “thank you” breakfast in our class after the service.  If I can’t swing it, there’s donuts in the classroom and Kaffe Bona downstairs! : )

Feel free to email with questions or if you need more info.


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